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FAQ Valentine's Day

Discussion in 'FAQ Archive' started by teddy.bear, Feb 11, 2015.

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  1. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Team Leader Team Farmerama EN

    Reminder! All the info in this FAQ was correct at the time of testing. Some info could get changed when going LIVE, the FAQ will be updated as soon as possible with correct information, so thank you for your patience and understanding, and don't forget to refresh every now and then to check for updated info (particularly translation of names).

    from the 12th of February until the 18th of February 2015

    * From what level can we participate in this event?
    From level 2.
    * How can I access the event?
    You can access the event from the event place, in front of Farmer's Society:​

    * What is special about this event?
    • There will be a special event crop:
    Heartdrop flower
    Time: 5 h 30 min
    EP / Baha EP (2x2): 48
    Plantable on all your lands from level 2+ (including Bahamarama level 2+)
    Every player will get 10 seeds at the beginning of the event. If you drop under 5 plants the system will check every 5 hours and replenish up to 5 seeds.​
    • There will be a drop Item:
    Arrow shaft
    You'll get these drop items when harvesting
    • There will be a Mill product:
    Cupid's arrow
    It can be produced in the Mill
    They will be used for playing the Mini-Game steps
    Time: 15 minutes
    Ingredients: 132 x Heartdrops, 8 x Arrow shafts
    You will get 5 at the beginning of the event!
    * How can I get more drop items?
    • They can be gifted to/from neighbours and friends. You can send 5 (or 7 with rune) free gifts, and you can receive up to 20 gifts per day. After the free gifts, you can send more gifts for the same price as 1 item in the shopping center.
    • You can buy Arrow shafts in bulk from the Shopping Center (see below)
    • You can get some in the event baskets.
    • If you have a Magic tree it will give 1 x Arrow shaft per harvest during this event.
    * Is there anything else I should know?

    Yes! Clicking on the Event place will open the Event window. The event brings a mini game! The event steps will alternate: one donation step, one mini event step.

    For the donation steps, you need to deliver the goods requested. The chart can be found below.

    Please note: The mini game is part of the event quest. You need to shoot a number of Suzy pink balloons in order to make progress and advance to the next steps of the quest. For step 1, for example, you donate goods. For step 2, you need to play the mini game and hit 15 Suzy pink balloons in order to advance to the 3rd step of the event, and so on.


    For the mini event steps, you will need to shoot the pink Suzy balloons and avoid the Black Fuzzles balloons! For playing the game, you need Cupid's Arrows that can be produced in the Mill, by milling event crops and drops, as explained above.

    Once you have Cupid's Arrows, you can start playing the mini game! If you run out of Cupid's Arrows - do not worry: your progress will be saved and you can proceed playing after you craft some more.

    Remember: You have to shoot Pink Suzy Balloons, but not the Black Fuzzles ones!


    You can use one arrow once, so if you miss the pink balloons or hit Black Fuzzles balloons, you will need more Cupid's Arrows!


    Please note that donated resources will not be refunded if you do not finish a certain stage. You can donate the whole amount requested by the quest or partially donate the resources you have available, until you finish the step. Therefore, please make sure that you have enough resources to finish the challenge before you donate, or you will loose the partially donated resources.

    * Can I use BBs to advance in the event?
    Yes. Yes, you use BBs to complete parts of the event.

    For donation steps: In the donations window, you will see next to each requirement, a small blue plus sign. Once you click on it, you will see the amount of BBs needed to 'skip' this part, and you will be asked to confirm that you do indeed want to pay this price for completing that part of the challenge.

    For mini event steps: You will see at the top of the window a blue BB box, and once you click on it, the amount of BBs needed for finishing this step will be displayed for you to confirm.

    * What special items are offered as prizes?

    Valentine's Day Sticker
    You'll find this sticker in your Sticker album

    Love in the Air
    Size: 1x1
    Time: 16 hours
    Gives: 575 EP

    A Valentine for Suzy
    Size: 2x2
    Time: 10 hours
    Gives: 725 Baha-EP
    Can be placed on Bahamarama and Shipwreck Bay

    Love Magical Stalk Row
    This row requires the 2 items from this Valentine's Day event on the 2 themed clouds + any 1x1 item you wish, for the unthemed cloud
    Effect: 35 EP x Level, 35 Baha-EP x Level, -5% workshop production time for 30 minutes
    Cooldown time: 24 hours
    * What drop item packages can I get in the Shopping center?
    • 1 Arrow shaft - 2 BB
    • 50 Arrow shafts - 85 BB (15% off)
    • 100 Arrow shafts - 150 BB (25% off)
    • 150 Arrow shafts - 200 BB (33% off)
    * Will there be any Event Baskets during this event?
    Yes, there will be 3 baskets, buyable multiple times:​

    Small Cupid Basket
    75 x Heartdrop flower
    12 x Arrow shaft
    35 x SuperGrow
    10 x Suzy's SuperGrow
    1 x Spring Wreath
    2 x Cupid's Arrow
    Costs: 1,99 €uros (or equivalent in your currency)

    Medium Cupid Basket
    165 x Heartdrop flower
    30 x Arrow shaft
    75 x SuperGrow
    20 x Suzy's SuperGrow
    2 x Spring Wreath
    4 x Cupid's Arrow
    Costs: 4,99 €uros (or equivalent in your currency)

    Large Cupid Basket
    360 x Heartdrop flower
    80 x Arrow shaft
    150 x SuperGrow
    40 x Suzy's SuperGrow
    3 x Spring Wreath
    6 x Cupid's Arrow
    Costs: 9,99 €uros (or equivalent in your currency)
    * What will happen with the leftover event goods?
    Each Arrow shaft will be exchanged for 5 EP + 5 CC after the event.
    Each Heartdrop flower will be exchanged for 4 EP + 4 CC after the event.
    Each Cupid's arrow will be exchanged for 300 EP + 300 CC after the event.​
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