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Veggie Party

Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by Nala777, Sep 4, 2018.

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  1. Nala777

    Nala777 Old Hand

    Veggie Party
    5th of September 2018 - 11th of September 2018

    Difficulty: Easy
    From level 3.
    Special Event Crop:

    Cotton Grass
    Time: 4 hours and 30 minutes
    Gives (2x2): 60 EP

    Plantable on the 3 main lands (main farm, green meadow, magical glade) only
    Special Event Drop:
    Needle and Thread
    You will get these drops when harvesting your 3 main lands (main, meadow, glade) from everything you harvest - trees, crops, stables, workshops.
    Special Mill Product:
    Ingredients: 1000 x Cotton Grass + 50 x Needle and Thread
    Time: 6 minutes
    It can be produced in the main and tropical mills - Events feed tab!

    Requirements for Event Cloudrow:
    20 T-Shirts
    Crops/Drops Required for Milling 20 T-Shirts:
    20,000 Cotton Grass
    1000 Needle and Thread

    Total Milling Time: 120 Minutes/(2 Hours)
    Event FAQ
    Thank you @joanc123 for the SOS thread.

    Last edited: Sep 4, 2018
  2. illy1996

    illy1996 Commander of the Forum

    Thanks Nala for the number crunching! ;)
    In theory, Easy but still a lot of crops and a lot of drops but ... oh, of course, count me in! :D
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  3. Greek-Guy

    Greek-Guy Regular

    Τhis event requires a lot of crops and drops. I am already exhausted from the current event, which I finished 2 hours before the end.

    The Vegan Party seems much more difficult and it doesn't give any good awards, excepet from the tool tree which will be available on the near future again.

    Also, I find it funny that they put so many events in this month. We don't have a single free day.

    To put it in a nutshell, I won't participate in this event. I'd rather increase my amount of mushrooms and onions (I need them for chutneys) rather taking part in a difficult and needless event .
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  4. sanddollar15

    sanddollar15 Forum Freak

    Thanks Nala for starting this thread! Like Illy, I am in and do want the CR! But growing 20,000 crops will take some planning!;)
    I will try my best and get good prizes (imho) along the way! Good luck to all who "Choose" to do this event!:D
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  5. dumbunny

    dumbunny Exceptional Talent

    Oh my! Crates of Devotion!

    Please don't discount those little suckers! Among the goodies you can get from them are the Frog Prince, Flying Elephant, Kissing Fish and Bridal Duck. My other farm gets them from something (can't remember what now), but this farm does not - so likely something I purchased for that farm but not this one. The CCs you can get from selling those on the market alone make it worthwhile (right, Farmer_Broke?)

    So I'm all in... Plus it's sewing themed! We're gonna make T-Shirts! Anyone needs help laying out the pattern or threading the serger, you just let me know!
  6. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Forum Demigod

    Why is sandollar 15 making jokes and stressing me out today? :eek:

    I cannot believe you say anything about growing 20 gazillion junks.

    You are so funny to me xD

    Maybe I come back later and see if you remove some zeros for how many junks. Good thing for me to do. :)

    You know, maybe 20 gazillion junks to grow is right.

    And I am all into the junking if my farm has about 7 years to do it.

    I think I can I think I can I think I can :)
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  7. dumbunny

    dumbunny Exceptional Talent

    But, I'll help you with your sewing!

    And who needs trees or stables or workshops on their main lands...not us! Nah!
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  8. joanc123

    joanc123 Forum Ambassador

    Thank you Nala for the thread and the numbers. :) I, too, would like a Tool Tree... Please and Thank you.
    Good Luck to all my fellow farmers!!
    SOS thread is posted, and I hope the drop rat is still feeling generous.
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  9. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- All knowing Oracle

    I saw the rumors about a tool tree in the grapevine, but I'm rather disappointed. Two tools every 20 hours :( The hen house gives 10 tools every 12 hrs, mythic cerberus 15 tools every 48 hrs, a toolbox from a neighbor is 10 tools. If you have one neighbor gifting toolboxes every day, that's almost like having 5 tool trees! So no, I'm not impressed at all :sleepy:
  10. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Forum Demigod

    dumbbunny, I think you are trying to play tricks on me now.

    I looked at the faqs to see exactly what I would get for gazillions of junks. I see no guarantee of anything to do with a breeding animal. Yes, I saw the crate business. Gazillions of junks will give my farm A CHANCE to receive a breeding animal. And I am unable to confirm or not confirm that there is an understanding by all parties of the word "random." >:(

    But.... I have an idea. 8)

    For one CAC each day, only a single CAC each day :music:

    There will be a random chance that some item will be listed on Market 40 by farmer_broke at the big .10 . xD

    I think this is a good idea. Holding my breath for the the first single CAC. :wuerg:

    A "random" chance of receiving the following from the cloud row crate:

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  11. Cassie101

    Cassie101 Forum Ambassador

    Thanks Nala for the numbers and joanc123 for starting the SOS thread.:)

    Not bothered about the tool tree but I really,really want the Crate O Devotion. Crates the prize that keeps on giving.

    Cassie101 and Erridge are all in on this event. xD

    Good luck fellow participants :)
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  12. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Forum Demigod

    And with the single crate o'aquatic animals received along the way to that prize one has a single chance of receiving one of the following:


    and I'm still having a hard time believing even 20 gazillion junks to grow in 7 years
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  13. sanddollar15

    sanddollar15 Forum Freak

    I don't know "if I can" But I am going to try!:p;)
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  14. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Forum Demigod

    What I really think about this event at this moment:

    Rated easy (ok, I choose to believe)
    pollution drops (BP rates easy, again I choose to believe possible and easy)
    20 gazillion junks (I da like to be a junker. But everyone here has trained me well to be a prooooooooooooofessional junker. So okay.)
    tool tree (tools may always be used for something. hmmmm trash to me but again, okay)
    one crate o'aquatic animals (Baha animal stall, animals I have but not 50,000 of any of those given hmmmm okay I'll take the trash)

    40 coins (Good for young farms and always can be used it seems, again okay)
    regular crates of devotion (chance for good, maybe I will not harvest regularly,... ummmm why not play around?)
    4.5 hour crop (I don't want to fool with junking but ..... maybe ok because my friends here are junkers)
    power feed reward (Farmer never buys it anyway, so come what may)

    2 hour mill time (I da care)
    overall thought (I cannot take advantage of the event as with last event .... Ok, I should be reasonable. Not every time)

    Qualifying thought: no poop use
    To make brainless junking possible: use no equipment coupons, invest time in finding a lady harvest helper

    Final decision: Do event

    Good luck Junkers with whatever it is you are doing
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  15. gardengal

    gardengal Forum Mogul

    Thanks for starting this thread! @Nala777
    I'm in! Mainly for the crates of devotion on the CR. :)
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  16. Arielh

    Arielh All knowing Oracle

    Τhank you Nala for starting this thread!:)
    Maybe it is rated easy because not normal farm good are required? Because I also believe 20.000 crops are a lot.
    it's never too late to startxD:p

    I will try to do this event too! It's been long since I last participated so now seems like a good time:)
    Good luck to everyone!:D
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  17. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Forum Demigod

    5th of September 2018 - 11th of September 2018
    Difficulty: Easy

    To me, all this is just more mindless junking.
    This farm will put the starter seeds in outlying areas and no CAC to begin.
    It will ride the poop market up while other farms are in the hurry hurry mode.

    When the hurry hurry farms near finishing, the poop market will begin to fall.
    That fall is the only signal I need to begin junking and using CAC, 1x1s and water.

    As long as I am able to harvest close to time of completion once I begin junking, I see no no no problem.
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  18. joanc123

    joanc123 Forum Ambassador

    All the prizes look good to me. I just hope the Tool tree is like my Egg tree and Parrot Feather tree.
    When Suzy fly's over them they change from 2 to 6 (thanks to the New and Improved SSG). :)
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  19. AMN50

    AMN50 Forum-Apprentice

    Thank You
  20. dumbunny

    dumbunny Exceptional Talent

    I kinda have to agree with Mir85 on the "meh" over the tool tree. two tools. Now, if I KNEW those two tools would be those peanut smashers that we need for expanding the manufactories, menageries and arboretums - THEN I could get a little enthused. Until then, I'll keep my hen houses and cerberuses out.

    Farmer_broke - just so you know - those crates of devotion have coughed up 2 kissing fish and 2 bridal ducks on my other farm in the last 6 months (give or take a month)...and they seem to have also contributed enough of those aroma of love things that I no longer need to make any (which is fine by me because dang! they each take 5 bags of koi to make plus other, um, stuff.

    Have I mentioned lately how much I miss the mixer at the spa? I loved those crop length shorteners!

    Edited to add: been saving the crates of devotion up on sewinglady's farm - had 13 of them. Just opened them all. Got a flying elephant. and a couple of those aromas, a couple wedding pots, and wait for it...20 roses. actually, I thought it was a good mix from only 13 crates.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2018
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