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FAQ Wild About Animals VII

Discussion in 'Event FAQ's' started by shooger.sweet, Mar 12, 2019.

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  1. shooger.sweet

    shooger.sweet Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

    Reminder! All the info in this FAQ was correct at the time of testing. Some info could get changed when going LIVE, the FAQ will be updated as soon as possible with correct information, so thank you for your patience and understanding, and don't forget to refresh every now and then to check for updated info.

    Wild About Animals
    13th of March 2019 - 18th of March 2019

    * From what level can I participate in this event?
    You will need to be at least level 21 in order to access this event, since it requires coloured animals.
    * How can I access the event?
    You can access the event via the news page and event timer.

    * What is special about this event?

    info layer.png

    All Animals produced in Stables will be divided into classifications. These are:
    Amphibians, Arthropods, Birds, Fish, Mammals and Reptiles.

    You will see the classification of each animal in:
    Breeding houses - icon on base animal buttons
    Shop - tool tip info on stables
    Barn - tool tip on the animal

    game layer.png

    For this event, we will need to Breed animals to collect badges from the Arthropod, Bird and Reptile and classifications.


    With every completed breeding of an animal belonging to one of the required classes (arthropod, bird and reptile) the player gains a arthropod/bird/reptile badge.

    image 87.png image 82.png image 77.png

    Also there is a chance to receive one of the other 2 badges when breeding any of the required categories. No Badges drop when breeding any of the other categories!


    The leftover Badges, after the event, will be exchanged to 15 EP + 20 CC + 15 TEP

    WARNING ! You need to donate the exact amount (or as close as possible) for each step! The excess will be lost for every step, so please be very careful when choosing your donations.

    * Is there anything else I should know?
    Yes! Here are the requirements and rewards of the Wild About Animals Event!

    image 89.png
    Arthropod Side:

    Valid Animal/Breeding donations:
    • bee, butterfly, crab, glowworm, ladybug, lobster, snail, spooky spider, stag beetle

    image 84.png
    Bird Side:
    Valid Animal/Breeding donations:
    • chicken, crane, crow, cuckoo, dove, duck, eagle, falcon, flamingo, goose,
    • hummingbird, kingfisher, kiwi, ostrich, owl, parrot, peacock, penguin,
    • pheasant, robin, rooster, stork, swan, toucan, turkey,

    image 79.png
    Reptile Side:
    Valid Animal/Breeding donations:
    • anaconda, chameleon, crocodile, tortoise
    * Can I pay with BBs to work my way through the challenges?
    You cannot. You can only pay your way through the event with CCs by purchasing animals/coloured animals from the market.

    * What special items are offered as prizes?

    Event sticker

    You'll find this sticker in your sticker album!

    Tree Lovers (+)
    Gives: 4500 EP / TEP, 10 x Farm Coins
    Time: 22 hours
    Charges: 5
    Size: 1x2
    Level: 21

    Fowl Play (+)
    Gives: 4500 EP / TEP, 1 x Crate O' Devotion
    Time: 22 hours
    Charges: 5
    Size: 1x2
    Level: 21

    Spider Soccer (+)
    Gives: 4500 EP / TEP, 1 x Crate O' EP
    Time: 22 hours
    Charges: 10
    Size: 1x2
    Level: 21

    Once all charges have been used or the item is removed from the field, the charged Giver items become normal Giver items and reward EP / TEP only!

    3 new introductions:

    Guineafowl Coop

    Time: 13 hours
    Requires to be fed: 1 Guineafowl feed (3 x Ginger, 3 x Cumin)
    Milling time: 6 minutes and 30 seconds
    Gives: 1 Guineafowl + 200 TEP + 3 Manure

    Placeable on Tropical Lands from Baha level 1

    Green Tree Monitor Habitat
    Time: 21 hours
    Requires to be fed: 1 Green Tree Monitor feed (1 x Butterfly, 2 x Acai berries, 3 x Papayas)
    Milling time: 15 minutes
    Gives: 1 Green Tree Monitor + 400 TEP + 5 Manure

    Placeable on Tropical Lands from baha level 1

    Silk Farm
    Time: 14 hours
    Requires to be fed: 1 Spider food (1 Glowworm) + 1 Spooky Spider
    Gives: 1 Silk + 250 EP + 3 Manure

    Placeable on Main Lands from level 21

    * Will there be any Event Baskets during this event?

    Yes, there will be 4 "Wild Animals" baskets, buyable multiple times:
    Small Wild Animals Basket:
    30 x Crate O' Birds
    2 Bird Badges
    2 x Reptile Badges
    2 x Arthropod Badges
    125 x Tortoises
    200 Spooky Spiders
    On sale for €1.99 or equivalent in your currency

    Medium Wild Animals Basket:
    75 x Crate O' Birds
    8 x Bird Badges
    8 x Reptile Badges
    8 x Arthropod Badges
    180 x Chameleons
    230 x Bees
    On sale for €4.99 or equivalent in your currency

    Large Wild Animals Basket:
    170 x Crate O' Birds
    23 x Bird Badges
    23 x Reptile Badges
    23 x Arthropod Badges
    140 x Anacondas
    270 x Stag beetles
    On sale for €9.99 or equivalent in your currency
    Giant Wild Animals Basket:
    250 x Crate O' Birds
    35 x Bird Badges
    35 x Reptile Badges
    35 x Arthropod Badges
    150 x Crocodiles
    85 x Lobsters
    On sale for €12.99 or equivalent in your currency
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  2. shooger.sweet

    shooger.sweet Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

    ~edit~ Crow Roost III: Red is winnable in step 4 of the Bird side, not Crane Habitat III. FAQ has been updated.
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