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With fond thoughts of dear S-B and dear One-Two: The Trades

Discussion in 'Game Related Chit Chat' started by farmer_broke, Jul 6, 2019.

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  1. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    Many have used trade products and/or developed trades. I hope to explain what I have determined. Hopefully some will assist me with their thoughts and strategies relating to the trades. Please feel welcome.

    There are five trades: confectionery, baker, florist, spa, and alchemist.

    In my opinion, the trades in general have been in chaos for several years now. I have tried to make sense of this chaos through the years.

    The game team MUST address the trades. This is not a question of IF, but WHEN.

    If you do not agree with the above statement then please consider the following:
    1. The confectionery, bakery and florist ALL have basic craft products at all levels of each craft.
    2. There is an exchange value for each of the basic products. That ev for each basic (an unsaleable) product is listed in your barn under craft products. (If you have them you will find them.)
    3. Where is that ev listed in the craft product charts?
    I find they do not exist as in other game faqs. A player is only able to find that ev in their barn IF and only IF they have that basic product.

    Also, the finished trade products themselves have no stated exchange value to date.

    If a request is made in the general issues section then I will venture to say that one must wait on the Game Team to respond. I find no evidence of other players questioning this matter in other forums.

    The play for profits using the Trades as the source is very risky to do.

    At this time one may wish to review the Trade products as listed in the game faqs.

    Briefly, I see a play for cc profits.

    S-B :inlove: and One-Two:inlove: found hundreds of millions recently. They both always have such loving madness for us all. And I will share a little craziness with them both (and others too).

    Next post will contain the basic products to begin and set the stage.
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  2. 12ss12

    12ss12 All knowing Oracle

    broke, give me some time to post in this thread. Right now very much occupied with other works. Therefore unable to give a detailed post here.

    Crafting products have been long neglected and we have been getting cloudrows which gives some crafting buffs. Also buying them in the market is very much cheaper than crafting it and depleting all our resources and products. What will be the future of crafting products ?

    I thought it is prudent to get the cloudrows giving crafting products and got them. They took care of my CAC, WI & FC, SW etc
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  3. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    Thank you for replying One-Two :inlove:. Please continue as responding helps to break this information up.

    Please respond someone. You will really help.

    You say so much. Below is a little something for anyone who can find it:
    • There is a craft item listed in many barns
    • The description in the pantry says that you will be awarded something when used BUT A PLAYER WILL NOT GET IT.
    • The description on the buff menu says that you will be award something by using BUT A PLAYER WILL NOT GET IT.
    • The description of what will be received is stated in the Artisan Product faqs BUT A PLAYER WILL NOT GET IT.
    • The descriptions have been incorrect for years.
    Do you or anyone else know which artisan product it is? or do you need another hint? Please hurry so that I may present a chart about something.
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  4. meba_the_mouse

    meba_the_mouse Forum-Apprentice

    Hint please. Hope it was fast enough for you 8)
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  5. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    Ohhhhhhhhhh :):) meba_the_mouse appeared ... how wonderful! Hiiiiii Mebaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! :)

    More hints:
    • The product is not a basic craft product so the product may be sold on the market.
    • To produce the product, one must use _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    If you need more hints then let me know.

    Another hint so someone will find it and I can present a chart about something.

    The hint:
    • A player must buy the recipe
    (Some recipes are given as one advances in a trade and some must be won or purchased. I have never seen this recipe given away during an event. I do not believe the recipe may be awarded from working a fsq either.)

    ................. and time continues to tick away ...... tick tick tick tick tick

    meba_the_mouse might find it. We shall see. xD
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  6. illy1996

    illy1996 Emperor of the Forum

    Is it Island Paradise Jam?
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  7. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii illy. I think of you every single day because of illy the ladybug.

    Island Paradise Jam (IPJ) is not the artisan product. The Artisan Product faqs have been corrected. A player will get exactly what the faqs, buff menu, pantry, and faqs say a player will receive. Yes I believe the recipe for IPJ must be purchased and therefore is not what is called a given recipe (often termed a default recipe). More ready to be presented regarding IPJ. I hope to get there.

    ((Before all information has been given, I will state information directly related to IPJ. What I find does relate to a cloud row where three (3) Chocolate Shakes are awarded each day or so. One-Two most likely won the cloud row.))

    Try again

    tick tick tick tick tick tick
  8. illy1996

    illy1996 Emperor of the Forum

    Is it Chocolate Pancakes? :oops:
    I too think of you every day, FB, as I love to keep sending you those Marvelous Melons! xD
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  9. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    You are getting warmer with this guess ............ but ....... tick tick tick tick ticking away xD

    Now this hint might giver the answer away:
    • Illy's Chocolate Pancake guess is incorrect BUT she is in the right trade (bakery).
    tick tick tick tick
  10. meba_the_mouse

    meba_the_mouse Forum-Apprentice

    Illy, I believe the recipe for chocolate panckes was given as a reward during some event long ago.

    Hello Broke!

    My guess is pinkie pie pie.
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  11. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    Meba you are in the correct trade (Bakery). But ..................... no

    For all: Each trade has five levels. Each craft level may only produce certain products.
    Some product recipes are given as one advances in the a specific trade (called the default product)
    Some recipes must be purchased with BBs
    Some recipes may be awarded in Farmers Society Quests
    Some may even be purchased (with crops) during the moonlight madness event

    Here is the final hint I may offer without disclosing the product itself:
    • The addition of a single alphabet will make the description perfectly clear and correct.

    tick tick tick tick tick
  12. illy1996

    illy1996 Emperor of the Forum

    Can't make any connection with a single alphabet but will take a guess at Langos? :)
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  13. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    tick tick tick tick ...............

    I do not believe a moderator can add the single alphabet required to erase any doubt about what the product does or does not do. From what I can gather, the correction must come from the game team itself.

    Oh Illy .... I can help you without giving the answer:

    Help for Illy:
    • Do you know the difference between receiving EP and/or TEP? An artisan product may be designed to give only one of them, neither of them, or both of them.

    That should give it away but we shall see.

    tick tick tick tick xD
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2019
  14. illy1996

    illy1996 Emperor of the Forum

    Well, I thought I did ...

    Could it be Vanilla Crescents? :p
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  15. meba_the_mouse

    meba_the_mouse Forum-Apprentice

    Maybe your statements in post 3 about the product is valid for chocolate syrup as well? :)

    FAQ stating that you will get 25% more ep when harvesting bell pepper, but you will never get it because bell peper can only be grown on baha so therefore I will get NO eps but tep instead.
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2019
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  16. baw815

    baw815 Forum Ambassador

    Wild guess and I could be misinterpreting the hints. :p

    Carrot Bread :music:
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  17. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    Vanilla Crescents is the correct answer.

    The descriptions state: 30% EP when harvesting cinnamon for eight hours.

    • A player has NEVER received ANY EP! (But if one adds a "T" and then gets TEP then one is correct. NO EP Whatsoever.)
    Other craft products list TEP or EP or TEP/EP .

    I agree with you. You are right. We will get NO EP.

    Also, the picture of chocolate syrup has appeared recently in posts in the gossip thread.

    And we just go right on clicking paying no attention to what is going on ............. and for years now.

    For your information. Do you think that the TOP 10 EP players have produced all items leading to EP? No way! Anyone on a market with these players can sell to them without even contacting them. The disadvantage at this time: One will use up their salt or sugar (etc) and will not get paid well for them. Enough of that for now.

    User beware and completely understand what is being given before using the buff itself or purchasing the recipe or investing.
    All we have is what has been given to us up until now.

    There is some method despite the madness which is evident. I will wait on a comment and then disclose a chart. Hopefully I can get back to this later today.

    Thanks for the fun illy and meba.
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2019
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  18. illy1996

    illy1996 Emperor of the Forum

    Thank you for getting the grey matter working FB! ;)

    I am guilty of not taking a blind bit of notice of the majority of buffs - oh, I use the usual suspects, CAC, WI, FC and those that speed up animals but most of the time I just plain forget I have them - or, more to the point, what they actually do! xD
    Catch up with you tomorrow! :music:
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  19. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    I am guilty too illy and am certain many players are. Bookmarking and using the {FAQ} Artisan's Village Products, even though we have proven enough here to conclude it is outdated, seems essential.

    Ahhhhhhhhh You mention that you use those buffs that speed up animals. Nice.... here is a little more:
    • Please quickly review the ingredients used to make the buffs.
    • Notice how often and the number of eggs used?
    • ..... of honey used?
    • ..... of down-feathers used?
    • ..... of peanut butter used?
    • ..... of cow milk?
    • ..... of goats milk?
    • ..... of koi?
    • ..... of riding lessons?
    • ..... of ostrich eggs?
    • ..... of truffles?
    • ..... of paint pallets?
    • ..... of sheep's wool?
    • ..... of guano?
    Products! Not all have trees which produce them. ALL have workshops though and all require animal(s) and feed ... or power feed!

    They come from somewhere.
    There are buffs that relate to shortening production time for products (we can discuss later).

    We should not even dream that BP developers has forgotten the Artisan Trades. (But we must decipher the outdated material which exists in order to progress.)

    ALL previous information relating to "Value" (whatever that was) has now been removed from the game faqs in all forum I have reviewed. THERE ARE NO game published information to date relating to the EV of ANY finished Artisan Product, NONE.

    (I rarely have presented charts. I will provide farmer_broke's EVs of Artisan Products here soon ...... unless BP beats me to it by publishing those of the game. The numbers may very easily be used in elementary EV analysis.)

    The EVs for the basic yet unsaleable products do exist. BP does not have the following in any of their game faqs to date. Theyare available to all if one has the base product in their barn. The following is what one will find:

    craftlevelbase recipe
    ingredients ev
    confectionary1basic jelly10 water
    10 apples
    10 sugar
    c2smooth jelly10 water
    10 apples
    10 pears
    20 sugar
    c3traditional chutney10 water
    100 carrots
    100 tomato
    20 sugar
    c4sugar-sweet jelly10 apples
    10 plums
    10 watermel
    10 honey
    40 sugar
    c5royal jam10 water
    10 peaches
    10 magnolia
    10 sg cane
    50 sugar
    bakery1basic dough100 water
    100 wheat
    10 salt
    b2shortcrust pastry100 wheat
    2 eggs
    1 cow milk
    20 salt
    b3puff pastry10 water
    100 wheat
    100 oat
    3 goat milk
    30 salt
    b4yeast dough100 wheat
    100 mushrm
    30 oranges
    4 cow milk
    4 ostr egg
    40 salt
    b5sponge-cake dough100 wheat
    100 sg cane
    100 vanilla
    30 coc bns
    5 goat milk
    5 ostr egg
    50 salt
    florist1boutonniere10 manure
    100 wheat
    10 fl wire
    f2flower pot10 manure
    100 sunflower
    2 pt pallets
    20 fl wire
    f3bouquet10 manure
    100 violets
    100 gerbera
    3 pt pallets
    30 fl wire
    f4floral arrangement10 manure
    100 cnflows
    100 lilac
    4 dn-feath
    40 fl wire
    f5floral wreath10 manure
    100 lil of val
    100 cnflows
    5 pt pallets
    5 guano
    40 fl wire
    spa1punch100 grapes
    2 cow milk
    10 h elixir
    s2cream100 p-apple
    3 eggs
    2 pean but
    20 h elixir
    s3smoothie40 bananas
    40 coconts
    10 goat milk
    30 h elixir
    s4shake10 water
    100 pass frt
    50 drag frt
    5 eggs
    5 cow milk
    40 h elixir
    s5cocktail10 water
    50 apples
    100 su-cane
    50 drag frt
    50 mangoes
    6 honey
    50 h elixir
    alchemist 1none--
    a 2none--
    a 3none--
    a 4none--
    a 5none--
    There appears to be an increase in the frequency with which these are being give away by BP. Why do so?

    The following is corrext and taken from the faqs. Hope this will assist a few.
    * What special ingredients do I need for these professions?
    Each trade has a special ingredient:
    - Bakery: Salt
    - Confectionery: Preserving Sugar
    - Florist: Floral Wire
    - Spa: Herbal Elixir
    - Alchemist: Mandrake

    Please let me know if errors are found in the above chart. I will correct them immediately. And thank you beforehand.
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  20. illy1996

    illy1996 Emperor of the Forum

    I'm not really responding to your chart, just want to say that I rarely actually produce my own buffs! I have accumulated quite a lot without needing to make any. I only make specialised ones - extra animal (Koala and Darknight Firefly). I have tons of the base products! :)

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