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won and harvested CC's not credited to account

Discussion in 'Help Archive' started by igotfrogs, Jun 30, 2015.

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  1. igotfrogs

    igotfrogs Forum Overlooker

    Good morning guy's
    Can someone please have a look at my account please as I've noticed with the fishing money prizes won and harvested CC's have not been credited to my account as the CC amount remains the same .... please someone look into this for me ..... Thank you, Froggie :)
  2. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Team Leader Team Farmerama EN

    Hello igotfrogs :oops:

    I apologise for the very late reply. I have checked your logs for the 30th of June and the rewards were booked successfully to your account. I have not posted your total balance without your approval, but I am happy to do so, and include your previous transaction as well, so you can notice that it was updated correctly.

    2015-06-30 03:26:51 CEST GoneFishing2015Reward +250000.00 CC
    2015-06-30 03:23:50 CEST GoneFishing2015Reward +60000.00 CC

    Is there anything else I could assist you with?
    Best regards,
  3. igotfrogs

    igotfrogs Forum Overlooker

    no thats fine thanks for getting back to me teddy ..... i just must have missed it a guess thank you for looking into it for me :)
  4. Neon-Lights

    Neon-Lights Board Administrator Team Farmerama EN

    On behalf of teddy.bear, you're welcome

    ~~NFQ - closing thread~~
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