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Won't be doing Neon event and want to level up cheaply :))

Discussion in 'Everything else Archive' started by tiageorge, Aug 17, 2015.

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  1. tiageorge

    tiageorge Advanced

    Want to focus on leveling up....what do you guys recommend on game strategy, without spending much or anything if possible......what to plant? Or should i focus on one particular type of tree or animal? Open for suggestions from which you have seen results:)) Thanks and happy farming.
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  2. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    Raise chickens/rabbits/goats and sell them :D

    With the CC you make you can buy EP/BEP products, for instance tomato chutney or mango orange smoothie, to help you level up. You should check your market carefully to see which products give most EP/BEP for your CC :)
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  3. tiageorge

    tiageorge Advanced

    And EP-wise? What crops/ trees give the best depending on EP-time -product value ratio. Opinions and supporting reasons are most welcome:))
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  4. sewinglady

    sewinglady Exceptional Talent

    Actually it depends on how much time you want to spend in front of your computer poking at the game. You can actually do well with short term crops if you are willing to sit and poke them every few minutes. Of course, long term (what I call overnight crops) give far more EP at harvest but one needs to do the math and again - how much time do you have to devote to planting/harvesting.

    Trees are not what I would consider huge EP givers since most of them you harvest once a day. If you want more EP from trees put out every XXL tree you have and harvest twice a day. As far as making CCs on tree fruit - Apples. Apples harvest the fastest (especially XXL apples) and you can make good money at the market selling them (if you're willing to give them up - I never have enough so I don't).

    Honestly, I find that doing the events and getting the large EP gifts from events is what helps me level up the fastest. This last event - the 50,000 EP gifts from the Nublonion Recycle-o-mat really did put me over to level 84...and I leveled up twice on Bahamarama, too.

    If you have the beanstalk opened - the flower cloud row - that enhances EP on Bahamarama and your regular farm fields. It also reduces production time. I sometimes save it up and use it when I know I will plant a lot of flowers over a 24 hour period.
  5. farmer_broke

    farmer_broke Commander of the Forum

    To the broke market workers

    Forget about all that math and cal cu mu lations! 8)

    Raise that chicken feed to 195 for a hundred. 8)

    Don't bother with deliver! Let um carry it! 8)

    Look dang nabbit............... stop talking to the goats and get rid of um! 8)

    Hold it Hold it Hold it! -.-
    Now we're going to work these farmers.
    Don't listen to any Exchange Value talk now! It's too late!
    The only exchange I want to talk about is the exchange from their account to my account....Got it?

    Now who's paying for lunch? 8)8)
  6. -Mir85-

    -Mir85- Living Forum Legend

    There is a simple answer for the mainland: Trees yield best EP (except some low level ones). On bahamarama crops and basic stables yield approximately the same. Colored upgrades are very good, especially orange upgrades (or higher) and classic IIs. Trees are bad (except high level XXL trees).

    Here are the numbers (without any buffs), first for the farm:

    Most crops on the farm give the same EP per hour, so we can pick blueberries as our example. Blueberries have a basic growing time of 10 hours and give 15 EP per 1x1 field. With water blueberry takes 8 hours to mature, so we can plant 3 rounds per day, so a 1x1 field gives 45 EP per day. There are a couple of exceptions: Lettuce will give you twice that (if watered), roses also gives more EP (but sells for almost nothing in the market) and some higher level crops also give slightly more. But we'll see that it won't make much of a difference anyway.

    The stables also yield approximately the same EP per hour, so lets use the pigsty as an example. With the stable master rune and water the pigsty also takes 8 hours to mature and gives 55 EP. But that is for a 2x2 field, so for a small plot it is almost 14 EP, so 42 EP per day, a bit less than blueberries. Workshops give slightly more. Of course if you use colored upgrades, the numbers improve, but even orange upgrades give less EP than many regular trees.

    Overview: EP per 1x1 plot per day (watered) on the mainland:
    • Most crops 45 EP
    • Basic stables 42 EP
    • Yellow upgrades 49 EP
    • Orange upgrades 96 EP
    • Red upgrades 132 EP
    • Pink upgrades 165 EP
    • Basic workshops 49 EP
    • Yellow workshops 57 EP
    • Orange workshops 113 EP
    • Red workshops 146 EP
    • Pink workshops 194 EP
    • Trees (harvested once a day) 20 EP - 120 EP depending on the tree
    • XXL trees (harvested twice a day) 80 EP - 480 EP depending on the tree

    On the island it is a different story:
    • Most crops 114 EP
    • Basic stables 118 EP
    • Yellow upgrades 138 EP
    • Orange upgrades 276 EP
    • Red upgrades 377 EP
    • Pink upgrades 473 EP
    • Basic workshops 177 EP
    • Yellow workshops 207 EP
    • Orange workshops 413 EP
    • Red workshops 503 EP
    • Pink workshops 708 EP
    • Trees (harvested once a day) 50 EP - 145 EP depending on the tree
    • XXL trees (harvested twice a day) 160 EP - 530 EP depending on the tree
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  7. sewinglady

    sewinglady Exceptional Talent

    Wow! Mir85 did the math for you...so there you go.

    One thing I want to point out is that FarmerBroke gives very good advice. I have used his methods previously to build up CCs. They work. And he's right about a lot of things regarding market values and what will get you the best yields, etc.

    The other thing I will bring up is this: We all get to work/play our farms the way we want to. I've skipped events before, too. Now that I have my beanstalk open, I tend to at least go for the completed cloud row. This one may be a toughie for that, but we'll see.

    I've had lots of trees and animal pens out for the last several weeks - working on some quests. But, I've also been building up my supply of rabbits and chickens. Now I know why. Someone (ahem - waves at TCRooster and says THANK YOU) hinted that maybe it would be very good to have a large supply of them. And, I'm not too bad on goats, either! So for once I am pretty well prepared! Whee!

    Anyway, I say this because I've not devoted my entire farm to the last two quests - just partial fields. Still managed to get the cloud rows, so it is possible to do 'some and some' should you decide to try. Or get yourself some of those Spring Wreaths and remember to keep your other extra EP givers activated when you harvest and go for leveling up!
  8. tiageorge

    tiageorge Advanced

    sewinglady, -Mir85- and farmer_broke thanks so much for your wonderful advice!!! I only have 7 normal clouds, not many XXL's (10-15). As poorish as I am I think that i'm gonna plant overnight crops for now and water em. I don't have too many ducks, goats, chickens as I was away from farmerama for a while. These i plan to keep for baby boom, which i am hoping is soon :)). Any other game suggestions are MOSTEST welcome. Happy farming all!!!! I just love this game, have not spent real money on it yet, but who knows what the future holds? I have been seeking advice from old farmer neighbours...
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  9. woody

    woody Commander of the Forum

    Early on, your best bet is to grow and sell animals. When I briefly toyed with another farm, I was able to level up and get high enough for an event (then level 32) in less than a week. I started with chickens, sold them, bought more pens.. etc. I grew crops and trees in the "outskirts". That is, I put out trees and small (1x1, 1x2) fields in the small spaces left over after filling in with 2 x 2 pens (only had a few trees). When I had enough pens (20 or so, I cannot remember exactly) to finish the Noah's ark (timed) quest (half of the quantity the quest needs -- set them out, let them "mature", then activate the timer, harvest and feed/water -- be sure to step back and harvest again before the timer is out). Next , I went on to rabbits -- etc. By the time I was up to ducks, I was past level 40. Between that and putting out a plea here, I was able to level up on that farm in about a week.

    As others have said, the price of chickens, rabbits and goats will skyrocket, so that helps you to buy even more pens more quickly.

    I forget what level you have to be to buy craft products in the market, but as soon as you are able, start buying them. In the mean time, folks will no doubt send them to you. Even if you cannot buy or make them, you can use them (took me a while in this farm to figure that out, but not my second farm!). All you do is go to your barn, then to the pantry side and click on the item. Put in the number (most likely 1 at this point.. lol), it will ask if you are sure. Click "yes", then the EP will be instantly added to your total.

    The EP boosters (giving, say, 10-50% more EP) add to the EP you get from harvests, etc... read through the EP strategy thread on that. the big thing to remember there is to activate them BEFORE you harvest and to do it when you have everything "ready", when possible, for the biggest return.

    I gave it up just because one farm is enough for my time, but I learned a lot. I would have changed over, since it was on a par with this one, except that I had already gotten a bunch of extra "goodies" for my current farm that I did not want to lose.
  10. tiageorge

    tiageorge Advanced

    Thanks woody...
  11. 100keltic

    100keltic Board Analyst

    In the dawn of your farm you have the best money makers right at your door. Wheat, I can tell ya you will never grow enough. I have grown many 100,000.00's now and sold them faster than I could click away from the offer, want to make millions really grow wheat store it till you see a high need and dump it on the market.

    Chickens and bunnies, bunnies and chickens again never have enough always sells at the market.

    3 items make these while you decide what way you want to go and you will make good coin. these 3 items are a bottomless wealth you can make and not do a lick of math!
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  12. farmerlily22

    farmerlily22 Forum Master

    What Keltic said...:D
  13. woody

    woody Commander of the Forum

    Wheat IS good, if you have the time to harvest, harvest, harvest. More or less the same with chickens and rabbits. I don't have time to do that, but I have been in the habit of growing wheat right after harvesting another crop, while I am fiddling around in the morning, etc. Then I will plant my "real" crop after, before logging off.

    I have always been in the habit of growing at least one of each animal and tree in my inventory , on green meadow (because Moonight mania and some other events don't use that field). -- at least until I ran out of space. That way, I always had a certain base to use when I needed. Also, I just liked the idea of having everything. I did, however, skip those few animals that wound up costing more to feed (even producing the feed) than to just buy.
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