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Zen Pandas

Discussion in 'Help Archive' started by gardengal, Mar 21, 2017.

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  1. gardengal

    gardengal Forum Master

    Hello. I can't find the info in FAQ section. Where do I get zen pandas? Are they drops from my panda habitats? I have everything I need to build my chopstick factory except zen pandas. Thanks!
  2. lidi-bug

    lidi-bug Someday Author

    Zen Pandas are a product of 1st level breeding pandas But they are not needed to build a chopstick factory. they are used in building Panda Habitat I: Yellow;)
    Chopstick factory (the base one) needs saws, wood boards, nails and zen rakes.
    Well, zen rakes are actually a drop, like all the other tools needed for building. But they are quite rare, I think, that may be the reason you don't have them yet.
  3. gardengal

    gardengal Forum Master

    Thanks! @lidi-bug I need 3 more zen rakes then, hope they get dropped soon! :)
  4. Intrepideur

    Intrepideur Forum Freak

    Hello gardengal.

    Thank you lidi-bug for your kind assistance.

    The zen panda is the one hiding under the yellow hat top left.
    Answer found, closing thread.
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