Monday, October 27, 2014

FARMERAMA: Farmerama – Comic Event VI

Trouble’s been brewing on the farm for a while now. With the Harvest Helper broken, the animals are too busy to visit Fuzzles Woolytop and the sheep’s sour mood is starting to affect the weather.
If only the Harvest Helper Team could borrow Elvus’ spare transmutator to fix the Harvest Helper and save the day!
It’s not that easy, though: Eavesdropping from the Farm Wheel entrance, Fuzzles overhears Elvus explain that he and Gerry aren’t exactly on speaking terms. Their partnership went south years ago and he’s not quite ready to smooth things over. In a flashback, Elvus tells the tale of the Farm Wheel’s invention – a joint project between himself and Gerry – and how it caused their friendship to unravel.
Was it all just a big misunderstanding or is the Harvest Helper down for the count?
Only you can help! Bring Elvus and Gerry back together so that the farm is once again running like a well-oiled machine. Check out the upcoming Comic Event “The Deal” from November 4th – 10th.

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