Friday, October 11, 2013

: Introducing the Juggernaut

The Juggernaut can always be found where the fighting is at its most intense. Right at home in the middle of the crossfire, his role is to get in close and bring the fight to the enemy. Armed with a the “Buckshot” skill and his powerful shotgun he can mete out tons of damage from close range, while withstanding massive amounts of enemy fire thanks the high-tech “Augmented Shield” skill that deflects and absorbs the enemy’s best shot. The Juggernaut is capable of slowing the opposition with the “Bola Shot” and can provide protection to a team member with the “Absorb Sphere” allowing a unit’s offensive to bear fruit. Once the Juggernaut has reached a higher level, he can employ the game-changing “EMP Grenade” skill, which temporarily disables enemy skills.

Turn the Juggernaut into a specialist:
Users can customize any character in Merc Elite and the Juggernaut is no different with a breadth of possibilities available for specialization. By amassing experience points and reaching a total of 8 various character tiers, dedicated mercs can unlock an additional array of powerful skills as they progress further in the game.

Click the following link for a sneak peak at the gameplay trailer for the Juggernaut: …

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