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Suggestion 3vs3 / 2vs2 chat

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by sterkejerke, Jul 23, 2017.

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arena chat 2vs2 and 3vs3

  1. Yea, that's a good idea

  2. No, bcs ... let me now

  3. Tnx, for helping me :D LOL

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  1. sterkejerke

    sterkejerke Forum-Apprentice

    There is a globel and a guild chat but why not a arena chat? Most of the people are not in the guild so it's hard to communicate, and most guild don't want to see arena things in guild chat.
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  2. sterkejerke

    sterkejerke Forum-Apprentice

    And most of the time the privet chats don't word, i make the privet chat he can't see he makes a privet chat i can see but can't send message. And some peaple have really long names and then i can't make privet chats. I know first ficks the bug thing plz and then if you guys have time :) you can make this.
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  3. sterkejerke

    sterkejerke Forum-Apprentice

    OMG, i played this game for 2-3 years and i didn't know lissen all that didn't know, first press the '+' on the upper right corner then write the name of the group like '3vs3 arena group' then go in the chat of the group and type '/invite NAME OF FRIEND' in my case '/invite ozan'

    :):):) The anwser was infront of my eyes LOLOL
  4. slammer

    slammer Someday Author

    i got to the stage of type in the name of player but nothing happen.
  5. vjmasiero

    vjmasiero Advanced

    This is like the world is ending up in fire and you were worried about your air conditioner !!:confused::(:cool:
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