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  1. Amaranth

    Amaranth Forum Moderator Team Pirate Storm

    Yo-ho Pirates! I'm Amaranth and I'm new to the mod scene. I've been around Pirate Storm for a while and I'm looking forward to helping you with your game questions.
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  2. Wedgewood

    Wedgewood Team Leader Team Pirate Storm

    Welcome Amaranth! :)
  3. Dred.PirateButtercup

    Dred.PirateButtercup Forum-Greenhorn

    Welcome aboard Amaranth! Always good to have more help. :rolleyes:
  4. *Death*

    *Death* Forum-Apprentice

    Welcome aboard :D
  5. FrankThePro

    FrankThePro Regular

    Welcome Amaranth, nice to see you! :)
  6. foehammer

    foehammer Someday Author

    :O a staff member that's not wedgewood?! welcome :p
  7. ☠Crusher☠

    ☠Crusher☠ Forum-Apprentice

  8. Amaranth

    Amaranth Forum Moderator Team Pirate Storm

    Thank you all for the warm welcome :)
  9. rashini

    rashini Forum-Greenhorn

  10. rashini

    rashini Forum-Greenhorn

  11. Newbiee

    Newbiee Forum-Apprentice

    Hello Nigthwish fan (probably). Wish you all the best. I hope you will solve our problems and misfortunes in the game, as well as, do everything to make this game the best.... again... sigh..
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