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announced death of the game

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by N☆ŁƐ☆ƤįŁŁęųƦ☆N, Apr 23, 2018.

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  1. Aberrant, and shame to the makers of the game who have (issued a rule) that is useless and make us oblige to respect it off large number of players have enjoy this fault, here is what they say:
    1. Bug using
    It is forbidden to use bugs and/or other mistakes in the programming for your own personal gain. Bugs which are discovered should be reported as quickly as possible by contacting support via your links on the backpage.

    And what do they do after denunciation ?, the first time a week of banishment the second time same thing the third 15 days or a month following the goodwill of the support.
    Which means that no one will respect their rules either in one camp or the other.
  2. SeaMan-9

    SeaMan-9 Forum-Greenhorn

    The game state is already pretty bad, i used to play both this game and seafight and seeing this game as a recent game compared to seafight and dying first in terms of player base is really sad, but their business model wasnt all that bad its just a shame that they removed almost any sort of support to piratestorm which i see happening any time now on seafight aswell.

    I guess bigpoint will need to remodel completly so that they can once again become a good company of online games because right now they are being left way behind than other companies such as Epic Games, Riot Games.
  3. Ha yes and more I also noticed that the game is kill 2x, the first is when he improved the system of points of pvp, already at this moment many players sulk the game, and then, this flaw so many of player to enjoy it dishonestly
  4. slammer

    slammer Someday Author

    just played 2 battle grounds "spiderbay" Both games where finished in 10 sec-s .In both games there was a player who made 5M damage within those 10 sec-s. The first game , not 1 player had been able to fire a shot and the game was over. The second game from both teams only 1 other player was able to make 43K damage and the game was over before any others could fire.
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  5. vjmasiero

    vjmasiero Advanced

    Let's help the battlefield finish faster. Do not play!
  6. 1111

    1111 Forum-Apprentice

    crazy who plays this game. 2 years ago the game was fun.
    now playing bug users and trying to get some success.

    MANU_OWW Active Author

    But what a success ... Shame on all his collaborators including support and moderators ... These discharges responsibility on each other the moderators say that they can not ban and that we must send complaints to the support that in turn says we will do know, then when you go to ask him if there are news tell you: the development team is working on us and punctually does not happen a big ..... stale ... Shame shame! *EDIT*
  8. Zape

    Zape Forum-Apprentice

    For me, the game is dead, and Bigpoint is cheating on us. It's the worst game company I've ever met
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