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any dutch guilds on EU4?

Discussion in 'Guild & Arena Team Search' started by stevenvdv, Jul 17, 2017.

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  1. stevenvdv

    stevenvdv Forum-Greenhorn


    I'm new in the game and before i join an eng guild en wanna know if there r any dutch guild on eu4?

    Please let me know or send an invite :).


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  2. sterkejerke

    sterkejerke Forum-Apprentice

    There was a guild witch a lot of Dutch players but every leaved the game bcs the game is dead.

    NL of BE ? Welke lvl, welke schepe?
  3. poldysss

    poldysss Forum-Greenhorn

    Hello. if you want to start playing this game I'll give you one piece of advice, do not do it. It makes no sense. In EU2, the situation is also bad- a few normal players/a lot of cheatters :oops:
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    *CAP*SOCRATE*FNG Forum-Apprentice

    im sorry but in eur2 and eur1 i see rarelly user bug :p in arena i see 5/6 user bug in eur 2 and 1 ( i play on eur1/2/4 and i know who use bug etc) ;) so please dont say "in eur2 blablabla" you're server is dead and 99% players use bug so please dont cry thx
  5. poldysss

    poldysss Forum-Greenhorn

    99%? hm, maybe if you played only on one server you don´t write such stupidity
    but of course, if you ride with very weak ship(eagle?) and everybody sinks you, it is not your mistake because everybody on EU2 is cheatter... you are funny
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  6. Perses

    Perses Forum-Apprentice

    Wow dude get out of this game it is totally dead:).BUgpount and youzu destroyed everything this game is no place for new players.
    When I was on DE1 before some days two players tell me that cheaters there are little the punishment for using fast shooting bug there is pernament ban while in other servers they only delete your bugget ship or bonus upgrades I think:D.BTW I play in EU3 everybody cheat here even the players who hate cheaters and bugs start to use it.I suspect that it is the same in EU4 If you want fair game go play Darkorbit there is no future[​IMG] for Pirate Strom very dead game;).
    P.S. EU2 and EU1 are maybe more free from cheaters but not from fake teams who block the arenas:p
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  7. jromano

    jromano Forum-Greenhorn

    Yes in eu4 all same all bug everywhere, only 1 guild no use bug.

    BLACK_WIDOW Forum-Apprentice

    Je ne suis pas de cet avis, tous les joueurs sur Europe 4 ne sont pas des tricheurs, tu donnes là une mauvaise information.

    Cela va faire plaisir à mes compagnons de jeu ainsi qu'à mon mari où nous jouons dans la même guilde, de savoir que par tes soins ils sont catalogués dans la liste des tricheurs. Ils se reconnaîtrons, inutile de les citer mais ils sont intègres.

    Tu y joues aussi sur Europe 4 donc tu dois en être un de tricheur dans ce cas, pas possible de ne pas l'être puisque tu dis que tous les joueurs trichent.

    Il serait plus judicieux de préciser que 90% de joueurs sur ce serveur utilisent les bugs, répertoriés entre joueurs actifs et peu actifs et qu'il reste très peu de place pour celles et ceux qui jouent encore et qui sont honnêtes.
  9. ✧ӇөөҜ✧

    ✧ӇөөҜ✧ Forum-Apprentice

    you can continue to tell that many players cheat when you don't tell yourself that you are a cheater and you tell anyone who wants to hear that you are innocent, especially when you ask cheating players to boost your account, you are also guilty and accomplice, shame on you
    the servers are dead by the stupidity of people like you Salto who use this profile with your friends cheaters like you to write nonsence.
    you can write all you want, you are not an angel or Saint Socrate so innocent.
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2017
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  10. =AMP=ROMI

    =AMP=ROMI Forum-Greenhorn

    hello my guild eu4 name ctp looking active members

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