Anyone else leaving PS?

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by YellowHammer, Dec 18, 2016.

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If the new changes in pvp remain--will you leave the game?

  1. Yes

    37 vote(s)
  2. No, I like losing skulls

    6 vote(s)
  3. I already have left the game

    10 vote(s)
  1. YellowHammer

    YellowHammer Forum Connoisseur

    There is no reason to play now---the game has been ruined by the changes in pvp, among other reasons.

    BP was bought for 89.7 million $$ but I will be danged if Youzu will get another penny from me.

    The new owners of this game should try playing it from level one and see just how screwed up they have made it.

    I wish all of you players a beautiful new year and hope you find a new game to play that corporate greed hasn't ruined.
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    ANIKHTE Exceptional Talent

    you are not the only one. i have a promise to keep to my guild players that i will help them with the invasion on winter event. After that is adios amigos. My girlfriend is hard pressed to just log in and help with invasions. Her friends and her are already testing new games, and practically they are playing another game as i type this lines. I am also pressed to leave piratestorm and join them, which as things evolved will be the case in new year.

    And thats what happens to a company that has disconnected from the base of the gamers. They keep pushing the game to a way the gamers refuse to follow and keep loosing and loosing more and more people. The bit of freedom we have in the English forum was hard earned. In the past talking in the forum would lead you in forum ban, post deleted, topics locked or even topics deleted. Which if you are listening wedgewood is the case in the spanish forum as we speak now. The moment the moderators see a topic that speak something negative for the company the topic is closed for no more discussion. Which lead many spanish player complain for the pv system. the moderators keep closing the topics and the spanish players change the name in the game with names like, **** YOU NEW PVP, not caring if they get baned or not. Played for a day for the whole server to see them and left the game already.

    How many in the enlgish forum with the little hard earn freedom to have are post not deleted and our topics kept open for discussion, discussion that can help the company and is by no mean hurtful for them. If the people do not like the changes and are leaving it is good for the company to know the reason why the people are leaving and not speculate. While the players are living the game because of fixed arena, fixed battlegrounds, cheaters, support that refuse to support, forum moderators that only are there to ban and close threads, the company continued to be in denial and thing that the game need to be more and more aggressive to make the players spend more money and be more interest in the game.

    SO ONCE MORE WEDGEWOOD is the company reading and paying any attention to what their customers thing about their game , their customer support? How many times we have asked the same question to receive the same answer our thought have been carried out to the company. If are thought are carried out in the company then why other from wedgewood not log in the forum to talk to us? How many times we have asked for a confirmation that the company is actual hearing us? Hearing is not the same as doing what we say they are 2 different things. How many times we have said that we feel betrayed from the company. The company gives no shit for us?

    And wedgewood once more the pvp pushing rules the server. With all the players refusing to play pvp, the map are empty and all using ahab. How is it possible for people to earn 7k-8k daily pvp points? But thats the problem with the company all along they can not see the obvious when it is in front of them and bite them in their ass. Old pvp system daily people 8k pvp daily new pvp 8k daily!?!?!? This people are not sink once per day???

    i will miss you yellohammer and it seems we will never battle to see who was right about ahab and piranha. So are you going to play another bigpoint/yuzu game?? IF you want i can tell you the game my girlfriend is playing and i will join her shortly.
  3. xxXDragonWol1Xxx

    xxXDragonWol1Xxx Forum-Apprentice

    Big Point, you need to change your PVP system as there are no way for a player to get points nor sculls. The only players benefiting from thees are players with lvl 50 ships and the cheaters that are low lvl ships but has all the items and power a lvl 50 player has. Sins you brought out this PVP i'm loosing as every time i enter 1v1 i find a lvl 50 player in 1v1, and i'm lvl 30. That is not fair at all, will you like to get in a ring with a boxer, i don't think so,so why must we play this game like that, you messed the game up, and i think you need to fire the people in Big point who came up with that stooped idea, as they are destroying the game and you are loosing money from players like me, and ban the idiot you came forward with this stooped idea.

    You need to make the PvP system fair for all lvl players.
    you have to create a system that has 3 different lvl's
    a lvl for new players
    a lvl for middle class players
    a lvl for high lvl players

    This will give everyone the chance to get points and sculls, as they will battle the ranks/LvL they are in, and no one in a higher lvl will be able to attack a lower player if the player is in a middle or higher lvl, and that must be implemented on the normal maps to. It's not fair for a lvl 20 player to get attacked by lvl 50 players, but a low lvl player must be able to attack a high lvl player, only then the higher player will be able to attack the low lvl player.
    Big point,you must remember, we as the players pays you salary's, and we are suppose to give feedback on the game performance, and if you mess up the game with ideas that you don't take up with us, the players, you will loos players and money, meaning you mite loos your job, as you fail'd to make it work, and causing the company to loos money. I don't know if you know,butt a lot off players left this game already, and more are talking to do the same, and i'm one of the players that will leave this game if you don't fix this problem you created. o_O Eeer....what!
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  4. Corb8

    Corb8 Forum-Apprentice

    No, no ,no 3 levels,4 levels the cheaters have to play in different group.

    ANIKHTE Exceptional Talent

    yes and as if the cheaters will say openly that they cheat??
    all of them have the millions of diamonds and items from farming,
    despite the fact of the diamond limit that we know exactly how much they can make , and by the style the play wasting more than the daily diamonds they earn, we know that they are lying.

    which once more the company fails to see the obvious, a person can not have unlimited lunar protection where is no way to buy them and when the player is using them by the 10s every day.

    we all know that, but when you ask the player how they go so many protection they say farming. eu4 was 4 months old and the special elit had 1000 and more lunar protection in their accounts, when there was not the battlegrounds missions to give you any. SO they farmed in an imaginary place that the boxes gave them that precious items. and as one form the special elit talk to me he said anikhte you play a different game because when i farm i make diamonds gold, lunar protections.

    the rest is history
    happy holidays fellow gamers, maybe we can meet in another game.
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  6. Mountainman

    Mountainman Junior Expert

    I will leave Pirate Storm also. The new pvp system is bad for business. I have over 3800 skulls and can't use them now. I worked hard to earn them and then BP decides that I must start all over. In the last 5 days the only boats I have seen are all ahabs and very few of those.
    I will not spend anymore time playing a game that has had all of the fun taken out of it. I sent a ticket to support about the new system and was basically told "We are sorry but you are screwed." There is no way BP will attract new players to this game as is. Thanks for ruining the only online game I play. I have cancelled my premium and when it expires (20 days) I will leave the game. Farewell Pirates.
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    ANIKHTE Exceptional Talent

    remember when the company forced us to accept the new terms and conditions
    what they said?
    they changed the terms to make the game enjoyable for all. and then they made this new pvp system and everyone is quiting. and the usual unsupported which is among the biggest problem this company have. people can not contact you complaining that the game shifted to the worse and you ignore them. the players are going to play the game they want not the game the company wants us to play. and the company is making 1 mistake after the other and the other, and the gamers are becoming fewer and fewer and fewer. and now this is the end of pirate storm. and you are not the only one that cancels his subscription and goes away, there are many more. So the economic for the holidays will be NEGATIVE for this company.And what about the forum? Do we get a better response from the company? In all the outcry from so many people where is a post from the company to say that they are informed that the people are furious? Even a response to try to defend their choices of the new pvp system? I wrote 8 problems the new pvp system has over the old one where is the company to defend their choices??? There is nothing. As if the company do not exist. But if that what they want thats what they will get. If the company wants to paly no existence and ignore their gamers, when their gamers will ignore them then they will become non existence.

    Many play the winter event just because they were waiting for it so long, they are going to get the frostbrand and then they are going to quit. Because i ask many, do you see a future in piratestorm, and the reply is no. There is nothing, NOTHING , to keep a player in the game anymore. The majority of the people are not palyign as they used to, there is almost noone farming in the maps, that means the people have given up completely they may log in, play an invasion and do the quest but nothing more. An MMORG is all about farming if people do not farm people will not play. It is not a shoot em up game. The sooner the company realize that the better for them. ANd thats why people are so desperate that they use ahab. People do not want to play an extreme aggressive game, gamers want the pvp but also want to be free to farm. gamers want to be able to choose when to pvp and no forced it down to them.

    The situation is critical, and the company thinks it will just all go away. The only think going away is the game to the history books.
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  8. zzz

    zzz Forum-Apprentice

    they do not want to admit that a big mistake has been made ..
    I play if I do not take skulls and pvp points. I also do not let them.
    is going to be a boring game..

    ANIKHTE Exceptional Talent

    even before the new pvp system, all the players were getting an ahab and they were building it, and the reason? they could farm in peace and not sunken all the time by other players. the players already have dismissed any artificial idea to make the game more aggressive and everyone was behind an ahab. it was no secret and it was an advice. YOU WANT TO FARM IN PEACE USE AHAB. There is a time for pvp and there is a time to farm. Let the people decide when it is which. Once more piratestorm is MMORG right? if you can not farm in MMORG you quit, stop trying to make all the people leave. Now i expect the next big mistake and final nail in the game. To make ahab loose pvp and skulls. The moment they will do that it is the moment all just log out. In a situation you need to be able to drain the right conclusions or else your decisions will be catastrophic. The company keeps been in divorce with reality and with what the players want. They loose nor us. Instead of seeing what message the players are sending by the use of the ahab they refuse to see it and do the opposite.

    They made a mistake, a big one that drives players away, and what the players are saying? Now they are only left for farming and thats why they are leaving. Once more the majority of players back me up. There is a time to farm and there is a time to pvp. LET THE PLAYERS CHOOSE THEIR TIME, no one will play all time pvp or no one will farm all day long.

    People that put money in the game. log in said good buy to the rest players and left, many just log in and wait for any news, but practically do not play as they used to , but bigpoint people will not wait for ever, or if you think that by not doing nothing people will just change their minds you are mistaken. There is a massive exit to other games, the more people they go the more people are forcing to go with them. If my friends change game i will follow them even if i do not really like the new game of choice, because the company matter more than the game itself. And the company and bonding with gamers is the only reason the game made it so far, the log in the game not for the shake of the game but to be with your friends, something that the company made impossible with their in game chat, chat rules, and chat moderators. It was other programs like teamspeak3 that kept the game alive at least the last year. or maybe the last 2 when the number of players depleted.

    and so far 17 people are waiting for a change from the part of the company. if the company refuse to do anything and ruin the gamers holidays they will simple loose them. the winter holidays is a time that all have the extra time to play, if a company mess up that period their game and the company is finished. and with the mechanics of the game the game needs a minimum of players to be playable. we are already way under that number for arena games, now it will be also fro battlegrounds. Lets see how attractive the game will be when you will get no match all day long in arena and battleground , how appealing the game will be to a new player.

    The only way for a new player to get a piranha now is by cheating and pvp pushing. To get the pvp and the skulls needed. Every new player you will have with a piranha or large warriors will be a cheater according to your rules. And a person that knows that breaks the rules and faces a ban will not spend money in the game.

    Death or Farm
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  10. ROARY

    ROARY Someday Author

    I left a long time ago. The problem we have is this new company are worse than BigPoint. All they care about is money. Wait and see. Destroyers will be for sale next month (That will make the arena pointless).
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  11. YellowHammer

    YellowHammer Forum Connoisseur

    I've not logged in to play since I first posted this thread as I'm looking at other, NON-Bigpoint games.

    So here is the math per Youzu's actions:

    Current beginning and midrange players leaving (minus)
    No new players starting--even if they could get anywhere (minus)
    Current players in level 50 will have almost no targets as the servers are already sparsely populated (minus)

    As none of this "math" makes sense and Youzu's owner is a multibillionaire (money made from games) and knows exactly what he is doing there is only one explanation:

    Not only is PS not going to be developed, it is to be scrapped. To avoid any unpleasantness from long term players who have put a ton of money into bringing their ships up we had to sign a new waiver a few months ago--this was obviously planned by Youzu that far back.

    Making it impossible to play the game isn't aimed at getting the few souls left to spend money--it is meant to just kill the game.

    Wish I knew what game Anikhte and his team were going to go to, I'd come too.

    By the way Roary--didn't know you had quit, figured you'd changed your game name again :p Yours was the first DoW I'd ever sunk and I don't think I ever thanked you for allowing a level 17 player to do that. Thanks!
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  12. YellowHammer

    YellowHammer Forum Connoisseur

    I think corbus was making a joke. My joke: pity we never had a cheaters only server :p

    ANIKHTE Exceptional Talent

    and now i switch my vote from going to leave to have already left the game
    i have started another game as all my guild mates.
    this ships is now beyond saving
  14. PaganHorde

    PaganHorde Regular

    nah, it's the best joke of the day - "I saw the DOW Open Water."
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  15. mightymike49

    mightymike49 Forum-Greenhorn

    dear bigpoint
    and everybody else reading I don't see leaveing the game right yet just wont do pvp farm in none pvp boats and QUIT BUYING DIAMONDS OR SPENDING ANY MORE MONEY UNTIL THINGS ARE FIXED they don't answer tickets anymore when something glitches ;AND GOD KNOWS THERES ENOUGH GLITCHES ; im a 47 and still not very strong yet premium member and don't figure if I quit ill get money back so ill go back to just farming ,events and guild stuff until pvp changes ;YES FARMING ALL THE TIME AND BEING A TICKED OFF PLAYER UNTIL PREMUIM IS UP THEN ILL DECIDE IF IM STAYING;ALSO HOPE THIS GIVES OTHER PLAYERS THE SAME IDEA

  16. YellowHammer

    YellowHammer Forum Connoisseur

    Good luck with farming. You will only be a rolling target for higher level more developed players because there are not many "easy" players left to sink. Far better not to play at all---when they see even the better populated servers empty they will get a clue. I log in, but go to forums, I don't even go in to collect the "daily bonus items".

    I'm surprised that players don't lose gold too when they get sunk.
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2017
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  17. Eclips

    Eclips Exceptional Talent

    Well, The ''new'' PvP system isn't that bad, I'm a high level player with average ship/damage. If you play it smart, you making every day profit PvP wise. The only thing I am missing, is a place to shoot XP, gold without being sunk by invisble PvP-ships. And the bad part is if I shoot a piranha, I obtain around 25 pts, and if they destroy me, they obtain 75, it should be level based and not ship based.
  18. YellowHammer

    YellowHammer Forum Connoisseur

    I'm thinking that the items you would normally buy with gold, which is becoming scarce all around, will be paid currency items soon.

    With it impossible for new players to get anywhere, I wish you luck. Thing like this happened in another game when it changed owners and everything got nuts, brought in new types of troops and dragons every other week, if you didnt get the new stuff, you were left behind. Don't even think that game is alive anymore.

    ANIKHTE Exceptional Talent

    come to europe4 server message me and i will message you back ,

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