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anyone still play?

Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by LoKaKi, Feb 3, 2019.

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  1. LoKaKi

    LoKaKi Forum-Greenhorn

    I am new here and i try find some friends :)))
  2. BeisimAlemdar

    BeisimAlemdar Forum-Greenhorn

    You are welcome :) my friend
  3. LoKaKi

    LoKaKi Forum-Greenhorn

  4. Tiger

    Tiger Forum-Apprentice

    LoKaKi go JBF or MG-
  5. westers

    westers Forum-Apprentice

    now you played for some time my friend, and now you have seen who`s allways there....so change your guild and come to WZG. it is an DUTCH and BELGIUM guild, but we have more country`s in the guild, you only have to speak english and put some guild-letters in the game , thats all. see in the game, think about it and watch our boats floating. ( happy sailing). grtz ORCA
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  6. Anti-Stress

    Anti-Stress Forum-Greenhorn

  7. YellowHammer

    YellowHammer Forum Mogul

    I'm here on weekends. Euro1 and US server. I started on other servers late, and there is no one on them anymore so those ships aren't developed. On Euro1 I am only level 43, have piranha, ahab, Godfather2, Eagle2, Dragonship Ceritas, Valkyerie (sloooooow but my favorite ship) and I kept my war brig and sloop. On US server, level 26 and only Paladin, dhuka--I beat the maps for the ahab, but not enough diamonds till next year! If I want anyone to "play" with me, I cruise my Valkyrie around the zones and aways someone pops up to try to hit me--after they run to change out of their ahabs :D. What server do you play?
  8. **BIEB**

    **BIEB** Forum-Greenhorn

    :) Hammer is still here, nice to see
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  9. primos

    primos Forum-Greenhorn

    How many people still playing this game? im alone in Europe 2....
  10. Estack

    Estack Forum Inhabitant

    I am coming to my guild ebb
  11. primos

    primos Forum-Greenhorn

    whats your guild name?
  12. Estack

    Estack Forum Inhabitant

  13. primos

    primos Forum-Greenhorn

    im sending request pls acept
  14. YellowHammer

    YellowHammer Forum Mogul

    I'm actually surprised, lately I've seen more people on the eur1 server, even in chat. Also in the latin server.
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  15. =Serpentor=

    =Serpentor= Forum-Apprentice

    Halo! Greetings from EU2:D
  16. obanbhoy

    obanbhoy Forum-Greenhorn

    just logged in first time in years anyone still play eu1?

    dont seem to be ingame chat
  17. ScaryFatPirate

    ScaryFatPirate Forum-Apprentice

    Welcome Back!

    Hopefully, too many players have come back to the game!

    If nobody replied you in chat, it could have many reasons. The time and the language you were playing could be some of them. If you were in the English chat, it's good to know that many players don't chat there for some reasons.
  18. ★Surprise★

    ★Surprise★ Forum-Greenhorn

    u can count the players playing at the same time on eu1 on 1 hand... but ppl still play ^^
  19. Kalyps0

    Kalyps0 Forum-Apprentice

    US1 have players :)
  20. chav

    chav Forum-Greenhorn

    and eu1 have players who steel play

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