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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by (1SB)DarkWolf(1SB), Feb 4, 2019.

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  1. (1SB)DarkWolf(1SB)

    (1SB)DarkWolf(1SB) Someday Author

    Good evening,
    I just want to ask. Today started new battlefild. For many players is impossible to get coins from it, because battlefield lasts about 15-45 second. On EU 2 are players who shoot in avarage about 28K DMG and they shoot really fast. So for normal player like me is impossible to get coins, because i am not able to shoot a lot for cca 20 seconds, because i dont shoot a much for that time, system thinks that i am not activ and i will not get any coins. I want to ask is possible to do something about it?
    Sorry for my bad english

    Thanks for help

    ✝ЈØΔØVłCTØЯ✝ Forum-Greenhorn

    There must be an increase of life in the towers urgently !!!
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  3. ChasJohnLadbrook

    ChasJohnLadbrook Active Author

    If you cant get to the towers and do enough damage - shoot the monsters instead - that counts as damage
    Its what i did at lower level
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  4. Grijsbaard

    Grijsbaard Forum-Apprentice

    No monsters in Lodos battleground.

    Only thing a small player can do is shoot enemy ships as much as possible and hope you do enough damage.
    It's bad enough having to wait 15 minutes for a 20 second battle,if you then don't even get a coin it's very disappointing.

    Guess the tower strength is something that needs to be reconsidered.
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  5. Newbiee

    Newbiee Someday Author

    Or just all participants to get coins no matter of their impact on the battlefields. I mean, on any battlefield.
  6. Pakar2

    Pakar2 Forum-Greenhorn

    I do not believe that they are going to do something to change, it seems that this event is directed to the highest levels, ridiculous! There is no fun, only boredom.
  7. vjmasiero

    vjmasiero Advanced

    this battlefield was created when players fired at maximum 6k. Today there are a lot of players throwing 25 to 30k and tower life is the same. So the event is deplorable !!
  8. The same to battleground anansi
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