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Battleground Week May : Death Jaunt

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Wedgewood, May 15, 2015.

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  1. Wedgewood

    Wedgewood bp_phrase_Forum_Demigod

  2. Optimus_Prime.exe

    Optimus_Prime.exe Forum-Apprentice

    If the poison was taken off of this BG it would be the best BG by far. I used to love Death Jaunt and now they do this. That poison was a bad idea in my opinion. I hope for the summer event there will be changes.
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  3. brutality

    brutality Regular

    the poisons dont bother me as bad, atleast 1 guild or the 1 with most people in wisper or room cant rule the whole thing, 2 this gives even smaller players chance to win
    the issue now is with the radomness of players/guilds always getting on same team in other bf's, i understand they wont put guildy against guildy, but many of these bf's are getting ruined, players cant get coins cuz like spider bay and carnage finish to fast most times under 1 min and players cant get enough damage to get coins, r they cant even get into bf's, i had several of my guild, that was rolled(not able to get into bf's for those at BP who dont know what rolled is) for hours and hours, 1 got in 2 bf's in 12 hrs of readiing up, this is rediculous, how can BP expect to keep new players interested if they cant get coins or they cant get in bf's in general, this needs to change!!!, either make towers and forts have more hp so its not over in 1 min!!!!!! and also split up teams make bf teams smaller so it spreads out guilds, bf's are suppose to be about players, not guilds ruling it on their own, why would any1 stay or put more $$ into game if this happens.
    BP needs to seriously think about these issues
  4. FrankThePro

    FrankThePro Regular

    Maybe make the HP of the towers equal to winning streak, gear (HP of ship and damage given by ship). This would make streak-winnings harder and give the smaller players a chance. If you have player A that have won 0 times against player B who have won 10 times in a row, make player A's tower with 10% more HP. So 1% HP for each for each differens between winning streaks. exp. player A,B,C have won together 4 rounds the last 4 rounds while D,E,F have won (sum) 12 times the last 4 rounds. (D have won 4 rounds, same as E and F in a row). Then give 12-4=8% more HP to A,B,C ' s tower. So if small players come against players that win all the time, the odds would overtime change. This is just a beginning off an idea, it may be exploited.
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