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Bring Back Old PVP Style

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by †MC†♣▒ķőšţĭş4▒♣†™, Jul 20, 2017.

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Bring back old pvp game play?

  1. YES

    105 vote(s)
  2. NO

    7 vote(s)
  1. DaRXouL

    DaRXouL Forum-Greenhorn

    Old pvp is best . Turn back to old one and finish ahab kingdom.
  2. [-PRO-]

    [-PRO-] Forum-Apprentice

    Yes you are right. and hello DaRXouL i see you in z13 ;)
  3. YellowHammer

    YellowHammer Forum Expert

    ok, there is something I am unclear about. I left the game over 2 years ago, didn't do much in the way of arena fighting and the battle grounds were so top heavy with DoWs that the BG would be over before most of us got in a shot. The only people who got coins after waiting forever for a BG were the guys in the DoWs. Most of the pvp action that I got back then were guild fortress raids or bushwacking players in open zones. When you say that you want the "old" style of pvp---what changed that you don't want? I've been gone for over two years and since I got back I haven't seen squat for other players to sink anywhere. When I do see someone, they either run from me, or disappear. Is this because of the present PvP?
  4. elzeart

    elzeart Forum-Greenhorn

    I agree the change of pvp have encourage a lot of old player to leave, bring the old one back!
  5. .Astürïas

    .Astürïas Forum-Greenhorn

    Not even one thing the developers do can be right. Now i hear they try to take back players punishing them the days they dont connect. You will not take back players with that, try to make an easier game for new players and intermediate players and publicize this game a little please, especially this last one part, PUBLICIZE. Jnito
  6. EVO[evo]

    EVO[evo] Forum-Greenhorn

    we want a old pvp.
    MANU_OWW likes this.
  7. Șß☠ώΘΘɖεɴ☠ιεĢ

    Șß☠ώΘΘɖεɴ☠ιεĢ Forum-Apprentice

  8. Rabbit.

    Rabbit. Forum-Greenhorn

    Bring back the old style way of PVP please. Was a great way to have port wars and hang out with people at an island and talk in global. Alot people quit when the pvp style was changed.
  9. respect.ro

    respect.ro Forum-Greenhorn

    yes is the true,i leave this game when BP change style on pvp
  10. Manson

    Manson Forum-Apprentice

    *** ? Why everyone wants the old pvp ? it ist totally ********. The new one was good, it was a lot more anti pushing then the old one and more competetiv. In PVP-Game you need a system where you can lose and win PvP Points. Thats how it is in every good PvP-Game.

    MASHIACH Junior Expert

    I am against

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