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Bring back Skulls.

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by YellowHammer, Jul 10, 2018.

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Bring back Skulls and Skull ships/Items? How about Battlegrounds even if there's 1 on each team?

  1. Yes Do BOTH

    19 vote(s)
  2. Bring back Skulls and skull items, but leave the loooooooong wait for Battlegrounds like it is

    5 vote(s)
  3. Set Battlegrounds to ONE or more on each team, but no skulls, it upsets people too much...wah....wah

    0 vote(s)
  4. Do neither. I like strutting around in my DoW with no one to hit (and no one to take MY skulls)

    2 vote(s)
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  1. YellowHammer

    YellowHammer Forum Expert


    This is a list of all ships--event, quest and skull earned ships plus enhancements. Eat your hearts out. Then read below:

    You want to revitalize this game? Do what worked before the bugs, cheaters and mismanagement took it down. Actual battlegrounds and Skulls for sinking other players. Hello?? this is a player versus player (or group) strategy game, not FARMVILLE !!!

    For Battlegrounds:

    If there are only TWO people on a server for a Battleground--that is all you need. One on each team. The reason people left is what is the use of playing? These lovely Event ships and the only way you can get them is to buy the coins?? bah--what is the fun or skill in that? Spend money to buy the coins because there is no active BG (just the "waiting list" sign) and then there is no one to play against anyways. If the BGs were set up that two or more on players were all you needed, you would get more people logging in. They would know they will get a BG and a chance to earn coins. In between BGs they will do arena, open sea, guild raids, etc, while waiting--that is the way it actually was and this is too good of a game not to bring that back.

    For Skulls:

    Bring that feature back along with the ships and items you could buy with them. Few people even cared about their ranking, but restarting ranking each YEAR would not have been a bad idea.

    Stopping skulls was absolutely moronic though.

    There are two main kinds of players in PS--those that are impatient and just buy items and those that take their time, learn what the game has to teach them and then earn most of their items. The former supports the company, the latter supports the actual game and attracts players by sharing their knowledge and skills in their guilds. When you took away skulls, you tilted the game more in favor of the spenders who rarely stay with any game for more than a season or two. Doing this took away the slight equalizer that skulls provided to those who did not spend that much money on the game, but who irked the spenders into giving up money just to sink them :) All player interactive games--social or strategy---require a certain critical mass number of players to keep going season after season. Lose that critical mass and nothing you do will keep the game going until you figure out what you did or didn't do to cause that, then correct it.
    Bring back skulls--it gives a player a goal, a sense of achievement, they could show how good they were by developing those ships, and this was one key that kept bringing them back. The piranha or the dhuka were the ships most beginners graduated to. You could develop a piranha, not so much a dhuka which you rarely saw in higher zones..
  2. YellowHammer

    YellowHammer Forum Expert

    thanks for moving this topic to the best forum.
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