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Diamonds & Battleground

Discussion in 'Questions & Bug Reports' started by KARNAGEVISOR, Jun 23, 2019.

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    KARNAGEVISOR Forum-Apprentice

    E2 speaking..
    Since many days, we win less and less diamonds( and dives as well) on the maps and even with the colossus , they give only gold most of the time.
    We are supposed to have maximum, 10 000 diamonds a day…
    A 3000's day was usual for a 50's lvl, playing around 2, 3 hours..
    In our guild, but i guess it's the same everywhere, even the 50's lvl (on big maps) win more or less than 500 diamonds per hour now.
    Around 2.5 times less than it used to be..
    Did you change something ?
    And when i saw all the people on the maps, in arena, i still can't believe, why the battlegrounds are almost always blocked….?
  2. mikołaj99

    mikołaj99 Forum-Greenhorn

    I also have this problem...
  3. WaterWillow

    WaterWillow Team Leader Team Pirate Storm


    Your concern with battleground participation has been addressed numerous times. You may search for our response using the search feature.

    Nothing has changed in relation to the amount of diamonds a player can earn on a regular PirateStorm Day. The largest amount of diamonds are earned during the first 1-2 hours of farming (2000-3000). The percentage earned after the initial 1-2 hours, declines as a player becomes closer to diamond cap for the day. This is usually around 7000-8000 diamonds. Sometimes, the closer you are to diamond cap, it is more likely you will not receive diamonds for special monsters (i.e. IceBeast and Ates) when they are killed, especially if you have killed these special monsters earlier in the day. Unfortunately, it is very random.

    Happy Sailing!

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