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end of Game

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by eldiablo82, May 20, 2018.

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  1. eldiablo82

    eldiablo82 Someday Author

    No tavern quests = less fun = fewer players = lassitude and monotony = dead game
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  2. mentosan

    mentosan Forum-Apprentice

    What do you expect ? I checked on forum why i cant see anymore the skulls ( btw i played this game like 4-5 years ago) and i see this bug is for longer than 4 months and still not fixed :))) if they didnt fixed a glitch bug then obviously they dont care any more about this game . Its good are still players who buy diamonds other else they would shut down the servers because is no point in keeping a game on a server without revenues .
  3. eldiablo82

    eldiablo82 Someday Author

    I put a year of premium, that's all it's a lot for this game
  4. eldiablo82

    eldiablo82 Someday Author

    Anyway this game is dead, and they can put the key under the doormat
  5. choctaw

    choctaw Someday Author

    no moon auction 2 months now ,they try to kill game .
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