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EU1 guild recruiting

Discussion in 'Guild & Arena Team Search' started by sauce, Sep 2, 2016.

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  1. sauce

    sauce Forum-Apprentice

    If your either old or new, strong or weak, all are welcome!

    We are a new but strong eu1 server guild called AAK, we can get you gladiator in 1 week as well.
  2. YellowHammer

    YellowHammer Forum Mogul

    We can? (LOL)

    We aren't exactly new---AAK is a very old guild that has been recently ressurected and is level 50.

    (Sauce--what is your game name on eu1?)
  3. sauce

    sauce Forum-Apprentice

    My name includes a few symbols so its pretty hard to type, but if you go on AAK teamspeak, its just sauce.
    YellowHammer likes this.
  4. dimitris553

    dimitris553 Forum-Greenhorn

    Hello i would like to join the guild i am new i can get lvls fast if u want some new palyer send me igame message :) -HƐⱭƊ.HƲƝƬƐƦᵍʳ-
  5. zazzou

    zazzou Forum Duke

    AAK still alive? xd
  6. bfrbfr

    bfrbfr Forum-Greenhorn

    ehhhhh mon titi is here :D
    Panthera likes this.
  7. YellowHammer

    YellowHammer Forum Mogul

    nope...AAK restarted then croaked again. Bummer too, I have nice memories from there and GAB
    Panthera likes this.

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