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Halloween FAQ

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Fluffkins2013, Nov 12, 2013.

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  1. Fluffkins2013

    Fluffkins2013 Forum-Newbie

    What is the Halloween event?

    Halloween at sea! Sail the eerie seas, defeat the ghostly invaders on the guild islands, and earn your entrance into terrifying bonus maps before the shadows of the night might darken the world forever…

    The Godfather Death II has risen from the darkness once more. It is an extraordinary battleship with a horrifying appearance. And there will also be a deadly achievement to complete during the Halloween event…

    Which quests will await you?

    There will be 3 Halloween event quests. Each one will be unlocked after you have defeated the end boss and the terrible tower on the corresponding bonus map.

    Which bonus maps will be available?

    In total there will be 3 bonus maps: Mystified islands, Night spook and Barren depths! Each day, you can play two of them. The first two maps will provide you with a discount for the event ship. This means that you will be able to get up to a 100% discount for the ship. For Night Spook you will need the special Halloween ammunition: Grinning Death! rest can be done with normal ammo!

    On all 3 Halloween bonus maps you will also have to destroy a tower in addition to the end boss. However, you need to find the tower first.

    What is the Halloween guild invasion and how do you take part?

    There are 3 guild islands that are occupied by sinister pirates: Sirens of the Deep, Flying Dutchman and Draugr! You can find the invasion islands in the guild window (island list). You will receive invasion points for every successful plundering. You will need those to unlock the event rewards.

    Which rewards will you get?

    In addition to the Godfather Death II and the suitable Terror Deck there will be further rewards for plundering the Halloween guild islands. You will find the rewards in the guild window (rewards/invasion).

    Will there be event achievements?

    Yes, you can find an overview of event achievements in the player profile (Pandora’s Might). The achievements can only be completed during the Halloween event.
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