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  1. Fluffkins2013

    Fluffkins2013 Forum-Newbie

    To access the Internet Banking
    • Log in
    • Look for a tool bar on the Left side of the screen
    • And click Merchant(bag of coins) and click it
    • A new window will appear
    • Go over to the Money Sign tab and click it
    • On this pop-up it will show Virtual Currency
    • Premium Pack's
    • You will get a more detailed information of what each of the packs are, click the button "buy" next to the 6.000 diamonds
    • Once you go there a new screen will pop up.
    • The first Available offers will be Virtual Currency
    • You can buy 6,000 diamonds for $2.99
    • You can buy 17,000 diamonds for $6.99
    • You can buy 31,500 diamonds for $11.99
    • You can buy 87,000 diamonds for $29.99
    • You can buy 184,000 diamonds for $59.99
    • You can buy 415,000 diamonds for $119.99
    • When you pay with a Credit Card for Virtual Currency, it will give you a +10% Item bonus after the first time (2nd,3rd,4th etc...) when you store your Credit Card information.
    • That means For every amount of Virtual Currency you buy it will give you 10% more for the same price
    • This only works for the same card on the same account but wont work for the first time purchase
    • Next up are Premium Packs
    • There's a Silver Pack which includes
    • 6 Months of Faster log out 20 seconds
    • Faster Repairs 2% less time repairing
    • Single click on the map to automatically move there
    • 3% discount on all diamond purchases
    • This pack costs $35.94
    • The gold pack which includes
    • 12 Months of Faster log out 15 seconds
    • Faster Repairs 4% less time repairing
    • Single click on the Map to automatically move there
    • 5% discount on all diamond purchases
    • This pack costs $59.98
    • You can also buy a Gold Fever Starter Pack
    • The Gold Fever Starter Pack includes a one time item of 1,000,000 Gold
    • This starter pack costs $11.99
  2. Fluffkins2013

    Fluffkins2013 Forum-Newbie

    • To cancel your subscription(s): at the bottom of the banking pop up there are a number of hyper links, click on “status and cancellation” a new window will pop up.
    • On this page:
    • You can delete any previous saved payment data.
    • You can view and cancel any subscription packages that you have assigned to your account. This will send out a confirmation email to the registered email address. You must click the verification link in the email in order for your subscription to be cancelled. You must cancel your subscription at least 14 days before the renewal date in order to avoid another renewal charge. This gives us enough time to notify the bank and the payer to stop the payment.
    Cancelling the subscription will end the renewal of the package, it will not cancel the package. The purchased packed will run until the expiry date.

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