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Is any reason to play this game ?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by mentosan, May 29, 2018.

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  1. mentosan

    mentosan Forum-Apprentice

    1 . Events with skulls , but this game doesnt have skulls anymore .
    2. Missing events (Full Moon auction)
    3. Bug players who cheat and use God knows what exploit to destroy 1 milion tower in 3 seconds .
    4 . Pushing on arena . (If you're looking in arena, ranking is full of players like *EDIT* .. etc etc ) they just have multi accounts and push the main accounts
    5 Pushing in guild (all top guild from top 10 belong to same guys ) Basically they have like 20 *EDIT* guilds level 5 .. and keep attacking any guild who make points and donated to the top 10 guilds he owns . All this guilds are created by same guy .

    This are just few reasons . If you check Terms and condition :

    Use of non-authorized software or scripts (which they use)
    Taking advantage of software errors (bugs) (which they does)
    Pushing is not allowed in game (obviously they use not only in arena, they use it in guild system as well )

    The fact nobody trying to solve this made me think this game is dead . Only people without actual life can accept and play this ... On Europe 4 for example i think are only 8-9 *EDIT* players who control the server with over 60 top accounts (accounts grown with exploits, pushing and abuses) ....
  2. eldiablo82

    eldiablo82 Someday Author

    totally agree on EU2 it's the same guild zero twelve has the monopoly of the server and the cheat, moreover they are practically the only ones to play between them, LOL, what decadence and BP that does practically nothing of anyway it is too late a lot we migrated to other servers leaving cheats to their own fate
  3. =^ᴥ^=

    =^ᴥ^= Junior Expert

    They fixed nothing,bugs are still on,this was a good game but its time to let it go guys,i thought to come back in the game after 2 years after hearing that they going to remove bugs but i guess no,nothing will ever change and thats a fact that has been in our faces for 2 years but we cant accept it.
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