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Feedback It's obviously pushing!

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by ScaryFatPirate, Apr 5, 2017.

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  1. ScaryFatPirate

    ScaryFatPirate Forum-Apprentice

    The new pvp ranking was a huge update in the game. Almost all the players agree that the old one was boring and useless but no one was expecting an update like this. The new pvp ranking needs so many adjustments to be considered as a good update.
    One of the great problems of this update is that if you are in lower overall ranking, a) there is a great larger range of players that you can get pvp, b) by sinking others you get more pvp. look! It's all advantages without any disadvantage! It's not balanced.
    It has driven the game to a point which the old players (which usually are in top 100 and by less getting pvp disappointed of having chance to get top in pvp season) make new accounts and give them pvp by their other old accounts they have inherited of their old friends! It's obviously pushing! also, It's obviously blocking! As they can't get the ship, they believe no one else deserves to have it! So, they push the account such high that no one else can reach.
    For example, last season in eu1 "***" and "***" (not sure about the spelling) won the ship, both lvl 20-30 which hardly shoot 1k! And this season "***" is doing the same, an account not better than those two.
    Some disadvantages is needed to be applied to low pvp ranks. My suggestion is daily season pvp limit. As same as diamonds and gold that you can't gather more than an specific limit daily , season pvp must have a limit according to the overall pvp ranking and it must go high almost exponentially. For example, those who have "three cannonballs" as their pvp rank (I don't know the name of pvp ranks) can gather up to 1k, "anchors" up to 2k, "swords" up to 3.5k, "skull" up to 5k and the "crown" up to 10k. I said these numbers according to what I saw in the eu1. It can differ in different servers.
    Consider that the limit only applies to season pvp not the overall pvp nor the skulls so little players can gather them limitless.

    PS: English is not my mother tongue. Pardon me for defects in the text.
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  2. Panthera

    Panthera Forum-Greenhorn

    I agree on the analysis, at the least on Eu1.
    It's different on Eu4 where pvp season winners are stronger accounts.

    Lot of pushing has been done on all servers for the last 2 seasons, with fake accounts and small accounts owned by the same players.
    This is obviously pushing and this is obviously blocking.

    But my opinion is that putting a daily pvp limit is not the best solution.
    Put a daily limit involves less motivation to play pvp.

    As of 22th of April 2017, 3 weeks after the beginning of this new pvp season, so few players achieved rank 4 pvp (+25.000 pvp points), which unlock the new mine item for this season :eek:
    Basically these players with 25k pvp points did 1.3k pvp points in daily average. Pvp is really dead ^^
    - Eu1: 26 players
    - Eu2: 12 players
    - Eu3: 7 players
    - Eu4: 15 players
    Total Eu1/Eu2/Eu3/Eu4= 60 players above 25.000 pvp points

    Lot of players wrote on the English or other forums to propose solutions to modify and improve the new pvp system.

    If BP is not able to read what we suggest, the game will die (and so many players say PS is already dead).
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2017
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  3. Snowman

    Snowman Forum-Apprentice

    I disagree with you and I think Bigpoint has done a really good job.
  4. eli_tu

    eli_tu Forum-Greenhorn

    What kind of work did they do? That they turned the game into a big push, pushing for pvp, pushing the top 10 guilds and especially pushing the arena. There is no game but just pushing and they do nothing about it .....
  5. Eric_The_Red

    Eric_The_Red Junior Expert

    You are all so funny, USA1 we cannot even get enough to open the bloods so have fun getting all the goodies as we cannot get anything. If you have over 10000 pvp points in USA1 you are pushing and pushing hard. I play every day and I can usually get about 500 points a day if I am lucky. When no battlefield is happening we are lucky to get 200 points a day.
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  6. Snowman

    Snowman Forum-Apprentice

    that's the meaning of PvP:)

    strongest pirates win , that simple
  7. Snowman

    Snowman Forum-Apprentice

    look if im lucky I get 100 PvP / day
  8. Snowman

    Snowman Forum-Apprentice

    because I ain't good for my level
  9. choctaw

    choctaw Someday Author

    it stopped the sitting in port and racking up points so not all bad
  10. Braylion78

    Braylion78 Forum-Apprentice

    Still something needs to be done on arena like a lvl 30s vs a 50 ?? Hardly no chance for the 30s but have it recognized an set at 50s vs 50s an a 30s vs 30s to make it some what of a fair fight
  11. MANU_OWW

    MANU_OWW Junior Expert

    The game certainly did not die for the pvp. According to you who wants to play in a legal way what does it do if there are smart? He leaves. And the new ones coming in? They leave because the game is worth it, pvp, arena, battles are all worth it. Now you start crying? You make me laugh ... Europa1 use the phshing for pvp arena and battles ... At what point has it arrived ... The fault is not to be downloaded all over the BP ... Shame and cry for your faults or shut up and accepted the consequences of what you have generated

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