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jump servers

Discussion in 'Questions & Bug Reports' started by Raptor-SF, Jan 11, 2019 at 12:43 AM.

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  1. Raptor-SF

    Raptor-SF Forum-Greenhorn

    Can i jump toan other server with my boat or do i need te start over ? eu4 is allmost an dead server where do i need to go ?
  2. Hot_Shot_Rob™

    Hot_Shot_Rob™ Someday Author

    There all pretty much dead. They need to merger the servers.....
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  3. Raptor-SF

    Raptor-SF Forum-Greenhorn

    yeah thats the only way to make something of this game BP did it with the game seafight they combined 2 servers there
  4. Raptor-SF

    Raptor-SF Forum-Greenhorn

    i hope BP will do something and dont forget this game and him members
  5. MiniPirate

    MiniPirate Forum-Apprentice

    eu3 is pretty active ;)
  6. Raptor-SF

    Raptor-SF Forum-Greenhorn

    ok ill go see on eu3
  7. Miška♥In♥Love

    Miška♥In♥Love Forum-Greenhorn

    Eur1/eur3/DE1 they wait maybe 2020, about flash pplayer etc they wait for see xD
  8. -=DrednighT=-

    -=DrednighT=- Forum-Greenhorn

    we have a server active newcomers come we don't complain eu2

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