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Discussion in 'Sección España & Latam' started by paauu13, Mar 17, 2019.

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  1. paauu13

    paauu13 Forum-Greenhorn

    Porque si casi no hay gente jugando juntan todos los servers y así se podría seguir jugando
  2. svenhassel

    svenhassel Forum-Greenhorn

    Lo lleva Bigpoint para que hablar más, van a hacer como con el Battlestar Galactica cierre y adios. Menudos c.bro.n.s.
  3. ThiagoGameplay

    ThiagoGameplay Forum-Apprentice

    The issue of Battlestar Galactica It was different, they had updates ready, only because of copyright and non-authorization of SyFy could not launch, and had to close the game, I was even a player there and I went back to the pirate after of their closure, I believe they will post updates after the flash closes and the html is released, or a game is played after that, or it will come to an end.
  4. έsco

    έsco Forum-Greenhorn

    en latam1 hay mucha gente
  5. ñoño

    ñoño Forum-Apprentice

    Ojala lo hagan, pero esta complicado. De esa manera se activarian todos los server...pero como no prestan mucha atencion al juego...pues eso

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