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level up

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Damqn78, Mar 7, 2019.

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  1. Damqn78

    Damqn78 Forum-Apprentice

    Can i level up to 50 with quests only?
  2. ~BLANK~

    ~BLANK~ Forum-Apprentice

    yeah. just take you long time.
  3. Damqn78

    Damqn78 Forum-Apprentice

    can i find the quest chains somewhere?
    btw i dont talk with daily quest or something like that
  4. toko652003

    toko652003 Forum-Apprentice

    The best way to level up is to farm the 30+ maps.
  5. Grijsbaard

    Grijsbaard Someday Author

    The quests end long before you reach lvl 50.After that all you get is the daily,pvp,arena,battleground,doubloon and tavern missions.
    Only the daily,pvp and tavern missions give XP.

    So no,you can't reach lvl 50 by quests only.Though you can reach lvl 50 by doing quests and missions only,but that's no different than farming,it's just much slower.

  6. Tiger

    Tiger Forum-Apprentice

    Quests and missions are the same thing....Anyway you dont have to reach level 50 to be a good player . In US1 I am level 23 and have 37k hp pentar and winter set and full eagles (8k damage).
  7. Damqn78

    Damqn78 Forum-Apprentice

    and how u get good cannons so fast?
  8. Amnesia

    Amnesia Junior Expert

    Probably by spending money, though possibly by using guild letters to avoid XP.
  9. Damqn78

    Damqn78 Forum-Apprentice

    i will never give money to dying game with no updates :)
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