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Monster Hunt event

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by teddy.bear, Feb 24, 2014.

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  1. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Board Administrator Team Pirate Storm

    Monster Hunt Event

    How do I join the Monster Hunt event?

    All players have the chance to play the Monster Hunt event. Whoever kills the most monsters will be crowned the top hunter — and receive unique prizes like the "Ahab's Legacy" bonus map.​

    What does the preparation time involve?
    Use the preparation time to buy event items in the shop, but remember: any monsters you kill before the event starts won't count. A countdown will display the time in minutes remaining until the hunt opens.​

    How do I get ranked during the Monster Hunt?
    Simple! During the Monster Hunt, you need to kill at least 10 monsters to be automatically included on the leaderboard. But be aware: only the top players will receive prizes.​

    Where can I see how well I'm doing?
    During the Hunt, we'll adjust the quest display to show how you've faring in the event. You'll see stats on how many monsters you've killed, your ranking on the leaderboard and how much time you have left until the end of the Hunt.​

    How is the best hunter determined?
    The player who has killed the most monsters is crowned the top hunter and earns first place on the leaderboard.​

    Which monsters count for the rankings?
    Only monsters on maps 9 - 34 will be counted.​

    Where can I see my rewards?
    Depending on how successful you were and your final ranking, you may potentially earn rewards. The list of rewards for your ranking can be seen in the Success window at the end of the event.Next to the options, there's a button labeled "Event Rewards." Click on it.​

    How do I receive my rewards?
    Once you've looked at your rewards and pressed on OK, you'll be credited with your rewards.​

    What happens if 2 players have the same total monster kills?
    The player who reached that total first is awarded the higher ranking.​

    How often will the Monster Hunt event be held?
    The event will be repeated at irregular intervals.​

    How do the new "Hunting Spear" harpoons work?
    The "Hunting Spears" function like normal harpoons, except they also cause double damage to all monsters on the seas. But careful — these harpoons were developed for normal monsters. The double damage doesn't work on bonus maps or on monsters requiring special harpoons.​

    Is there a bonus map for this event?
    Yes, but only the top 10 players will receive the "Ahab's Legacy" bonus map.​

    How often can I play the bonus map?
    You can play the bonus map once for every time you receive it. Each time you place high enough in the Monster Hunt event you'll receive the bonus map again.​

    Do I need special ammunition for the bonus map?
    Yes, you'll only be using steel harpoons on the bonus map.​
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