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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by cosminmarius11, Sep 19, 2017.

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Want to promote the game on youtube?

Poll closed Oct 19, 2017.
  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. cosminmarius11

    cosminmarius11 Forum-Greenhorn

    Bigpoint server executives have dropped drastically. An added bonus would be to promote the game on youtube. Let's say you promote the game with 30-40 euros to a 50-100k youtuber subscribers. The video in which the server is presented brings you a minimum of 1000-2000 players + you will also earn from it that people will put money in the game. And think if you do this game is going to come back and the players will want to play again I mean old ones. So I hope you get this ad as such. Your plalers want this.
  2. Perses

    Perses Forum-Apprentice

    This will no work nobody want to play this game any more because of the bugs,the new PvP system and the little ammount of players.Even if 1000-2000 players come to the game they will stop playing fast when they see the situation;).Not to mention that bigpoint will never pay even 1 euro for this game again.
  3. junkistu

    junkistu Forum-Apprentice

    Hi .
    I stopped playing but I hope to be able to play it again every day, until I let go of the game I was able to see new players on the server, but because of the bugs they left in a short time after they started playing. It is not the problem of new players, if the game is working properly there will be new players who if they like it will recommend it further, it was a nice game that made its own advertising it did not need clips on youtube for this but from cause bugs ....
    Best regards .
  4. FrankThePro

    FrankThePro Regular

    Promote the game? I don't want to promote this game in its current stage - People would laugh at me!
  5. Dann

    Dann Someday Author

  6. poldysss

    poldysss Forum-Greenhorn

    BP does not promote this game on his web site and social networks for free, why BP would promotion this game on youtube and paid for it?
  7. modzso(hun)

    modzso(hun) Forum-Greenhorn

    :D I promoted game with many videos on youtube!(bugs, cheats...etc) :D haha. so i will send the bill to BP. :D
    Outrageous what happening in this game(what isnt happening). We have gold premium, and cant play normally. It isnt fair. But this is the real world. We were good when spent euros for game. and now...
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