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Restart the game?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Bain07, Jul 9, 2018.

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  1. Bain07

    Bain07 Forum-Greenhorn

    Any ideas about giving PS second life? Is it possible to:
    - fix ALL bugs (I didn`t check bugs since I found my acc banned but now its seems like a part of bugs are fixed);
    - make total wipe (delete ALL accounts and restart ALL servers);
    - give back to us OLD pvp-system (optionally, its a trifle for now);
    - compensate ALL donated money (as diamonds)?
    Sure, its the only true way for bigpoint team to solve this... hmmmm... problem. And also the way to start earn money with PS, too.
    Hopefully, I am not blind and not stupid, I`m also sure that the money is the problem of the PS... But I hope for the best, as always.
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  2. Duster

    Duster Forum-Greenhorn

    Delete all accounts? surely you *EDIT* averages 2k and does not take into account the effort of many players to have raised their accounts, for *EDIT* you would be ideal to start all over again as it would surely cost you a couple of months what many cost them years...
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  3. NaG[BG]

    NaG[BG] Forum-Greenhorn

    They just need to open new server and control it ...
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  4. YellowHammer

    YellowHammer Forum Mogul

    My gaming was originally on euro1--played there for a couple of years, but now that server is dead. I sailed the prettiest, slowest, most undergunned event ship I own, my Valkyrie, from zone 1 through all the zones and back again several times a day, didn't go invisible, sailed right through the center and made sure to pass right by all the ports---and saw no one there except one frost ship. He ran from me!

    So...I started all over on the only server i saw players--including noobs, that was on Latin 1. I WISH we had universal accounts--on our different servers that you can log into and play with all the toys, seals, orders, gold, ships and dias that you've collected no matter where you log in to, now THAT is my dream. I see and engage many players on Latin 1 (I'm sunk often as a noob) and I can't tell you how many times I wish I had my fully developed piranha or dragon or any of my event ships, or even my ahab, instead of my little war brig when I play there.

    I agree with Duster's post--some of us have spent years and real time money to develop our game. I am so glad that the problems in the past appear to be resolved, but, I really miss my original account on euro1. I can't play there its a ghost town so I've started all over again on the Latin1 because I can find other players there, not just npcs.

    Combine the servers, or make the accounts universal. You need critical numbers playing together in order to ensure the game continues! Whatever you do though, do not clear everyone and reset. If you do that then those that have stuck it out all this time practicing and developing their game while hoping that bugs and cheats will be banished, will...just....leave.
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    MANU_OWW Active Author

    It is shameful to say that you reset all accounts.
    More than anything, the idea of bringing all the servers together would be good for everyone ...
    But for now we think about solving the errors, then we'll talk about the union of the servers
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  6. Bain07

    Bain07 Forum-Greenhorn

    Sure, I`m *EDIT* with 2k dmg... with my sloop... that times, when I used to forgot to equip half of cannons :(

    The only server for all is not enough. Maybe 3 servers?.. Look: the game is close to be dead, no one spend $ to buy smth, but all servers are still online including test server. Think about it.

    Universal accounts? It`s unreal because of separated arena.

    Ok, show us the way to find out the main thing: which accounts were never boosted (improved) with bugs (you know there are many ways to use them) and wich - not? I remember guys who had their accounts banned for nothing and others who played with 1000 cannons for free till they got bored. So its unreal to distinguish who played ''with errors'' and who not.
  7. YellowHammer

    YellowHammer Forum Mogul

    Bain07---So you are saying to reset all the accounts just to make sure you get back at the ones who cheated?? What about the other 90% of us who earned and/or bought our levels and ships? You just said yourself you knew people who were banned for nothing but cheaters kept on playing so you want to keep banning the innocent too?

    I can also tell you that if these changes were done and there were universal accounts with no bugs and no chance of cheating, the cheaters would not last long. They didn't learn the game, we did--and when they find out that they are getting sink regularliy, they leave.

    At my prime on this game I spent easily $10-12000 a year. I am not a big spender compared to most that I knew when this game was in it's prime. If I had to prove what I bought I could easily do that thru PayPal--plus if BigPoint did a deep dive they also could verify accounts at least for items purchased. As there are not that many left playing so that could be done and weed the cheaters out, or let them stay and have to work at the game like the rest of us. More cannon fodder.

    Also, the arena has its own server--and we still have access to the arena so what is your point exactly? All that is needed is to transfer the code for all accounts to that server, just as you would for all the other servers. The servers remain separate--its the accounts that are universal to all of them.
  8. YellowHammer

    YellowHammer Forum Mogul

    Universal accounts are not new for a merged or massive server. This was first done in 1996--*EDIT*. I've been playing there for years. What it will entail in Pirate Storm is no more buying stuff to compete, or trying to slip by with only what the "free" system gives you.

    Pirate Storm should be sent up where you pay for access--not alot, maybe just buying a home version of *EDIT* the game like *EDIT* did with their first game, Diablo, then they set up Battle.net. Or a modest amount each month to maintain access. Then you play Pirate Storm, but instead of a scripted progressive game that you win or lose like Diablo, your game includes scripted progressive actions (like we already have for newbie tavern quests) and interactions with NPC and other game members.
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