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  1. WAR-Wolfie

    WAR-Wolfie Forum-Apprentice

    What happened to the skulls that I have fought hard for and then just lost in an instant? I was about to buy some new stuff with them but the maintenance started and when finished I had no skulls and all items locked?

    I had approx. 10000 not a massive amount compare to other high ranking players but for me it was a good amount to improve the ships that I have.

    Come on BP you cant just take what someone has earned in the game there must be some form of compensation or them given back so I can buy the item I was wanting to get or replace with diamonds to the equivalent amount.

    I have only just come back to this game after approx. 3 years because I thought the captains orders destroyed this once Great game to a mediocre money making racket that simply just makes a mockery of the so called "Free game". Really disappointed now with the new system...
  2. PaganHorde

    PaganHorde Regular

    They are still here. You just have sunk someone, and you see them again :)
  3. WAR-Wolfie

    WAR-Wolfie Forum-Apprentice

    Thanx dude...

    ANIKHTE Exceptional Talent

    well now if you get sink you loose skulls
    so the amount of skulls you so hard earned adn saved can go down and down and depending your level and how well you can play you can even see it eventually gone to 0
    with all items locked there is no way to spend them and only loose them
    so you have 3 options now
    use ahab if you have
    use sloop you loose pvp but no skulls
    or not play to save your skulls

    so good luck with your skulls
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  5. WAR-Wolfie

    WAR-Wolfie Forum-Apprentice

    PaganHorde sorry man but your wrong. I sunk a few dudes but didn't get any skulls back and I don't see the 10000 that was stolen by BP. Anikhte is right "Don't play to save your skulls". This system is destroying the guys that are trying to catch others up and fishing is part of that. I have tried to fish without to much trouble but I last maybe 2-5 mins and then I get jumped on and sunk. This game has been completely killed by BP.
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  6. PaganHorde

    PaganHorde Regular

    No, i had same when new pvp coming. Not seen none of skulls.

    Sunk pvp ship, not ahabs. You need got start wings. And if still not


    This is what i saw after got new wings. And if still do not see it, then send a ticket.
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  7. WAR-Wolfie

    WAR-Wolfie Forum-Apprentice

    OK your right. I have a few more points now...but I didn't get them back after sinking maybe 3 ships...but I cannot buy the thing I could before which is crap...
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  8. WAR-Wolfie

    WAR-Wolfie Forum-Apprentice

    By the way I don't play the game much now I just do the quests for the maps and use the workshop to build up my cannons and harpoons to see if BP will change its mind...coz at the mo there is no point in fishing...

    ANIKHTE Exceptional Talent
    here is a poll that so far shows 3 people left the game
    13 await to see if there will be a change
    1 only says he will keep playing the game

    so if you have not voted go and joint the vote
    also there are a discussion about the new pvp system here

    as for what i have to say the more the company wait the more people they will loose
    people will not wait for ever for the company to make things right.
    if they will not fix it asap the player will have to play something else

    it is holidays, people have free time, and people are going to play, if not piratestorm it will be something else
    so keep stalling and the answer will be something else

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  10. xxXDragonWol1Xxx

    xxXDragonWol1Xxx Forum-Apprentice

    Big Point, i have a new name for Pirate Storm, Sea Farm, Farm Pirate, or Happy Sea Farmer.
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  11. xxXDragonWol1Xxx

    xxXDragonWol1Xxx Forum-Apprentice

    Big Point, i'm caprice to find that out off all the complaints and suggestions the players off pirate storm has put out, that you have not come up with a solution or even trying to stop players from leaving the game pirate storm. i have completed the winter quest, as i wasted money on diamonds, and wasted money on the gold pack 12 month, i wasted money on this game that you big point just destroyed. My friends and i will never support a game from big point nor the Chinese company YOUZU INTERACTIVE, as i say,if you can mess up a game and loos your supporting players, what prevent you to mess up other games in your company, so i'm not prepared to loos money in your games. Good bye, and injoy the cheaters that are left in the game, and if you think you will get money from them,think again. o_O Eer
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  12. WAR-Wolfie

    WAR-Wolfie Forum-Apprentice

  13. PaganHorde

    PaganHorde Regular

    Wrong! This is now Seek and Hide game..
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  14. YellowHammer

    YellowHammer Forum Connoisseur

    You can't access any skulls you already have unless you sink someone....pfft. I don't usually do pvp intentionally as I use my ahab to farm, but I did take my event ships to port wars in the past before the pvp change so have a couple of hundred skulls. They are gone now---shows nowhere---so when the blood event comes around I have to risk my skulls to sink some poor schmuck in order to use them? These are skulls I already earned in open sea, arena, BGs and port wars.

    Bite me, Big Point.
  15. YellowHammer

    YellowHammer Forum Connoisseur

    Hehe Pagan Horde. Could do like I used to with foehammer--one of us stayed invisible, the other in an event ship and very visible (usually me) when some twit popped up to take me out, they would get both sets of our cannons on their backsides and were sunk before they even got capt orders up. It usually started a port or open sea war cuz it wasn't just he and I who thought of it.

    Started in highest zones and went backwards "trolling" all the way back to the start of open pvp zones. Don't stay in one place too long else word gets out among guildies :p
  16. zzz

    zzz Forum-Apprentice

    Bigpoint change in pvp system, please. if before the skull was unnecessary collectors now even worse. pvp items to buy nice if could open up.
    very pathetic!!!
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