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Still the bug

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by **.Astürïas.**†WR†, May 12, 2018.

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  1. **.Astürïas.**†WR†

    **.Astürïas.**†WR† Forum-Greenhorn

    i joined after much time and players still use the bug .-.
  2. ChasJohnLadbrook

    ChasJohnLadbrook Junior Expert

    with the stage the game is at - they are permanent - so get used to them
  3. vmasiero

    vmasiero Forum-Greenhorn

    And they are doing updates why ??
    You better get used to playing without a bug !!
  4. mentosan

    mentosan Forum-Greenhorn

    In my opinion they ruined the game when they introduced captain orders , of course they made a lot of money in that time because you wouldn't had been strong without the orders but per total they lost more money if we follow players who quit and all the bugs started with captain orders as well .... since cannons damage, boat HP , ship resistance was not relevant anymore because of this captain orders ...
  5. _-ГоловореЗ-_

    _-ГоловореЗ-_ Forum-Greenhorn

    When will the game developers remove the bugs? For a YEAR there is a bug and no one even tries to cope with it?
  6. PIPO1965

    PIPO1965 Someday Author

    I think that developers dont remove the bugs. If thet had wanted to do it already was do it. Dont change your mind. They want game dead:mad::(.
  7. MiniPirate

    MiniPirate Forum-Apprentice

    nothing will change

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