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Thank you for the Bloodmoon Auction

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by YellowHammer, Nov 26, 2018.

Dear forum reader,

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  1. YellowHammer

    YellowHammer Forum Mogul

    I about fell off my chair when I logged in and saw an actual Bloodmoon auction in full swing on Euro1 a couple days ago--and yesterday I as sunk by a player in a brand new, shiny Eclipse!

    Thank you Thank you Thank you PS !! If the Blood moon is going to be a regular item as it used to be, I just might start buying diamonds again.

    And yesterday, I actually was able to play several BGs and got nine pvp matches in the Arena. :p :p :p

    Does this mean something has been fixed? I saw more players on Euro1 than I have in years this last weekend (not as many as Latam1 though :( ) and I am stunned--way to go and keep it coming. I've messaged people on Facebook that used to play and asked them to come back, at least to try it again during the December Event.
  2. toko652003

    toko652003 Forum-Apprentice

    The Blood Moon Auction appears every mounth on Euro1 and recentrly there are more and more players online.

    P.S: If it's not a secret will you tell me your nickname in the game bcs i am playing in euro1 and maybe i will know you.
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  3. deathdealergordo

    deathdealergordo Forum-Greenhorn

    Lots still need fixing.. Glitched islands. Bring back old pvp. many other things too...
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  4. YellowHammer

    YellowHammer Forum Mogul

    I am YellowHammer there, have been forever. I am with the guild, FAW.

    I've been back playing for about six-eight months regularily, its the first I've seen the Bloodmoon Auction.
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  5. teseito2424

    teseito2424 Forum-Apprentice

    i am the bulldog in PQR
  6. vjmasiero

    vjmasiero Advanced

    A doubt.
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