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the game does not work

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by St.Anett, Apr 12, 2018.

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  1. St.Anett

    St.Anett Forum-Greenhorn

    I cannot see my ammo, neither the consumables and the shop. also the chat is not working, it says that i have to register to chat, but i registered. And the biggest problem is the skulls, it counts but i can't check them. Please fix it Bigpoint
  2. vjmasiero

    vjmasiero Active Author

    Also fix the harbor seagulls !!
    I would even give it back to play !!
  3. nibbiaia68

    nibbiaia68 Forum-Apprentice

    the game does not work. the merchant does not open, you do not see the ammunition, etc. please repair
  4. WaterWillow

    WaterWillow Board Administrator Team Pirate Storm

    Which server do you play on? The chat issue often occurs when there is a bad connection to the server. Press F5 to refresh your screen. The skull issue has been sent to the development team some time ago. The latest information we have concerning the PVP System can be found HERE.

    You will need to be more specific with this issue. Unfortunately, I am not sure what you are reporting. Also, we need to know which server you play on.

    What server do you play on? Often these issues fix themselves after the server reset. Hopefully, that is the case with the issues you are experiencing.

    Best Regards!
  5. Ψ~Æthelstan~Ψ

    Ψ~Æthelstan~Ψ Forum-Greenhorn

    I also have this problem, the wheel turns the bar is shoving but nothing happens, you still have problems, *EDIT*
  6. Ψ~Æthelstan~Ψ

    Ψ~Æthelstan~Ψ Forum-Greenhorn

    Ok, it's working again, but until when?
  7. Ψ~Æthelstan~Ψ

    Ψ~Æthelstan~Ψ Forum-Greenhorn

    said, your game has become unplayable once again, its not stopping to crash, is what would be the end *EDIT*?
  8. PaganHorde

    PaganHorde Regular

    Chat error - delete cookies and do reset for your router, then you should be fine. Skulls you can see only skulls day. (then u can buy things)
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  9. WaterWillow

    WaterWillow Board Administrator Team Pirate Storm

    Thank You PaganHorde for assisting your fellow pirate.

    It is impossible to assist you without knowing which server you play on and being able to pass any information on to the development team.

    Try clearing your cache (How to Clear Cache) and your flash player cache (How to Clear Flash Player Cache). Then, reboot your system. If you continue to experience issues, that no other player is experiencing, you may need to contact support. You may reach the Customer Care Team by clicking HERE.

    Happy Sailing!
  10. All servers are affected by the game's problems.

    However, although merchant purchases, ammunition and other items have returned to normal in the bar of objects etc..., there is still a problem that remains unresolved, namely the non-existent installation of the sea monsters emissaries of celeritas, yet necessary to the quest of event.

    Despite the claims made to the support, nothing is repaired since the beginning of the event, and to take full advantage of the event, players need to kill these sea monsters necessary for the bonus card part of the success of the chest dragon.

    Thank you in advance for being kind enough to report it to the technical teams before the end of this event.

    My greetings,
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  11. choctaw

    choctaw Someday Author

    the event that was not an event.
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