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When will the new pvp season be announced?

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by MƛƝ-Ơ-ƜƛƦ, Apr 18, 2019.

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  1. MƛƝ-Ơ-ƜƛƦ

    MƛƝ-Ơ-ƜƛƦ Forum-Greenhorn

    So..i have seen that this topic has been previously discused on another thread but it hasn't been answered properly,so it would be nice to have some more info on what conditions will the devs start the new PVP season(here in this thread if possible).The devs or the team who is responsible for this game has to understand that,if a new season starts A LOT of players will start playing again and we might see lot's of new players.I personaly believe that this will bring Pirate Storm back on it's feet and will grow even more from there.

    Happy Sailing.
    (As WaterWillow would say :D)
  2. Jolly-Bonesjack

    Jolly-Bonesjack Moderator Team Pirate Storm

    Ahoy MƛƝ-Ơ-ƜƛƦ

    As you have read in other discussions and threads we do not have any information about when a new PVP season will start.

    Best Regards!

    ~~Question Answered~~

    ~~Thread Closed~
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