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Why do we still play PS ?!

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Marvel-Gay, Oct 31, 2018.

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  1. Marvel-Gay

    Marvel-Gay Forum-Apprentice

    Map Bug;
    Battlefield Bug;
    Bug of achievement;
    Blood Moon Bug;
    Ammunition Bug;
    Light Bug;
    Arena pushing;
    Arena anti-pushing;
    Moderators who can not moderate;
    Suport that can not help;
    Extreme slowness of Big Point;
    Connivance of Big Point with cowardly thieves.

    If we think about it, it's even embarrassing to keep playing it!
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  2. Eclips

    Eclips Exceptional Talent

    It's a good game :cool:
  3. NullEe1

    NullEe1 Forum-Apprentice

    cuz u are idiots :)
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  4. AsurA

    AsurA Forum-Apprentice

    BIG true the last 4. I know many account's that Admins make it FULL of items and give them 10M of boncrushers cannonballs......(How we can play if enemy have admin friends....
    Man you forget some more bugs and programs :p

    Special Items Bug
    Infinity Invisible
    Guild Bug (You can shoot everything when time finish & you can make the guild without fortress....)
    Colosseum Bug
    Infinity MoonProtection and everything you want with cheat program
    Arena bug invisible you can watch the enemy in every position
    Arena Bot program (he is watching where you are and you can see what specials items thee enemy use's.....)
    Farm Bot 24H and he is reconnecting alone so you dont need to watch it.
    Maybe i forget some but if i remember i will write you.
    Also about the
    Arena pushing;
    Arena anti-pushing;

    This is really easy to fix. IF they put out this IP ARENA SYSTEM everything is ok. Because without that they cannot make pushing with 2 IP's. So it will be fixed but BigPoint is caring how to ban us and not fix their problem's
    I think after this message the BA will ban me 1 month for Rules Violation's LIKE EVERY TIME I WRITE SOMETHING....
  5. ಌSophiaSwanಌ

    ಌSophiaSwanಌ Forum Expert

    because we love this game, is enough :)
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  6. Marvel-Gay

    Marvel-Gay Forum-Apprentice

    Okay. You found my reason. And yours?

    =MC=ALBATOR= Someday Author

    bcs we have always friends on this game :)
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