Monday, April 23, 2012
Pirate Storm: Death or Glory Pirate Storm: Death or Glory

Pirate Storm: Death or Glory: Arena 2.0 & Special Offers

The first season is over and the waves of battle have subsided. There were glorious victories and tragic defeats, but that is no reason to rest on your laurels or throw in the towel, because season two is starting, and you know what that means – it’s anybody’s game!

Just in time for the beginning of the season, we have an amazing new innovation for you – starting now, you can enter into 2 v 2 battles, in addition to the 1-on-1 competitions from last season. Every good pirate knows that with this new season comes an even playing field, so all you need is a little teamwork. Play tactically and coordinate your team members and you just might come out victorious.

Just like last season, you can unlock fabulous rewards and bonuses in season two. So, it’ll really pay off to focus and give it your best!

Sail off into the new season!

A little help from your friends

The pirate’s dilemma – should I go for the gold coins or the string of pearls? Should I have the rum or spoil myself with expensive whiskey? Fret not, pirate, for we are about to lighten your load.

Starting now, we’ll be giving you advice as to which item would be most beneficial to you. Can’t decide if you should choose the new cannon or if new sails would be better? No worries! We’ll give you our recommendation and, if you take it, you sure to never sail the wrong course. This will also free you up to focus on what you came here for – multiplayer battles and exciting quests!

Set sail and discover the new and improved Pirate Storm!

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