Thursday, June 21, 2012
Pirate Storm: Death or Glory Pirate Storm: Death or Glory

Pirate Storm: Death or Glory: Beaucoup experience points on Double XP Day!

Ahoy Pirates!

Are ye ready to level up and collect experience points to boot? Ye ready to finally reach that top-shelf level ye were eyeballin‘?

Then anchors away, matey, cause just the event ye’ve been loon for is here – it’s time for Double XP Day. From June 23th until June 24th 2012, earnin’ XP will be like shootin’ fish in a barrel. Each time ye sink an enemy ship, ye earn twice the experience points. And that can mean but only one thing… that higher levels be within yer grasp, pirate!

Don’t miss out on Double XP Day where even the greenest sea dogs can become rough and tumble marauders!

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