Wednesday, February 6, 2013
Pirate Storm: Death or Glory Pirate Storm: Death or Glory

Pirate Storm: Death or Glory: Captain’s Orders

Increase your sailing might with the new Captain’s Orders feature! Add more firepower to your arsenal for free. Use a variety of essential skills that every pirate worth the salt in their sails has at their disposal!

You’ll find a myriad of skills in your action bar that you can wield to aid your cause. Fire rockets into the hulls of enemy ships, dish out sustained damage over a set period of time, heal and repair damaged equipment and much more! Each time you level up, you’ll automatically unlock a new skill to put the fear of the seas into your enemies.

The first level of orders can be used for free! After leveling up a green arrow will appear next to the order icon, which means you can upgrade it with either gold or diamonds.

Set sail today to enhance your pirating skills with the all new Captain’s Orders!

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