Tuesday, January 13, 2015
Pirate Storm: Death or Glory Pirate Storm: Death or Glory

Pirate Storm: Death or Glory: Valentine’s Day Event

Wrath of the Broken-hearted
Zymen Danseker, aka Simon the Dancer, fell in love with the fearsome pirate queen, Jeanne de Frisson. She, however, was happily married, her husband being a pirate king in the same waters, and their three sons and two daughters being raised to command their own ships someday.
Danseker, delusional and power-mad, thought it inconceivable that the woman he desired should not also desire him, and decided that it must be only because her husband kept her distracted or even captive. He paid the first mate on the de Frisson flagship to let an assassin aboard, and in that manner arranged Henry de Frisson's death. The first mate escaped with his bribe, but in a guilt-ridden moment before his escape, hid a message for his mistress naming her husband's killer.
Enraged and heartbroken by this black-hearted murder, Jeanne swore that she would not rest until she had avenged it on Danseker's hide. She was insulted when Danseker then attempted to woo her, both privately and publicly.
Eventually, her fleet cornered that of Simon the Dancer, and a fearsome naval battle ensued. Many ships were sunk, and many men lost their lives that day. Danseker begged her to lay down her weapons and join him in his life and bed as his pirate queen. As she charged, she spat that she would sooner be killed and eaten by the filthiest Frostwolf than utter so much as a civil word in his direction; this goaded him into crossing blades with her. Their duel was without quarter, and ended with her skewered on his cutlass, a sneering snarl on her lips even as the light left her eyes for good.
Regretful and heart-broken, Captain Danseker lost his wits. He now roves the ocean, killing indiscriminately and capriciously, ruthless especially towards any female pirates he encounters, angered by any tales of true love, sometimes committing atrocities.

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