Thursday, December 11, 2014
Pirate Storm: Death or Glory Pirate Storm: Death or Glory

Pirate Storm: Death or Glory: Winter Fest

Old man winter has long since cast his hoary breathe across the seas turning them to icy waste. But fear not, the chills of winter shall soon be replaced by the thrills of red-hot action during the Pirate Storm Winter Event. For 4 long weeks, you and your crew’ll be bid to set sail and tackle special event maps teeming with a plethora of new islands ripe for a raid and conquest. Expanding your influence is never easy, and this is no different – these islands may yet fall, but they’ll not fall without a fight. Solicit the help and assistance of your guild and see what trust and teamwork can produce.
Perhaps you and your crew are in the mood for a bolder challenge? For those captains feeling especially adventurous, set course for the frozen tundra of the remote Ice World to do battle with the legendary Ice Wolves… The bolder the captain, the bolder the rewards - including the exclusive event ship aptly christened Blizzard.

The Captains and the Ice Wolves
Stories persist throughout the seas of a lost expedition. ‘Twas led by four men, brave and bold, to the frozen Ice World, bleak and cold. Though sea yarns abound, tis a tale true and profound. Before the captains could turn their vessels to escape the clutch of danger, the ice took hold, but the tale grows yet stranger. Stuck in the white canvas, the four led on as night approached. Screams and howls stabbed through the night; the men could take no more. The screams they took shape, a sight that shook them at their core. Prepared to fight, these brave men did, giant wolves on board. Vanquished the men were, every last one. But the respite of death, alas befell nary a one. Bites they did suffer and a cruel fortune did await, to return as the beast that dealt them their fate.

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