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Rising Cities

Rising Cities – Guide your city from humble beginnings to a booming metropolis

Plan and enact sound strategies to inspire your citizens and build your city into a thriving modern megapolis

Rising Cities – Become the mayor your city needs

Welcome to the rarified air of Rising Cities, the sprawling browser game by Bigpoint. Rising Cities combines all the fun of a traditional urban development simulation game with comprehensive strategic elements. Rise through the ranks and achieve the status of international mayoral star. But it won’t be easy – you will have work hard and work smart to go from the outhouse to the penthouse. Show your strategic and managerial ingenuity by implementing tactical planning measures, allocate materials shrewdly and maintain a trained eye on the well-being of your populace. You have to start small to increase and appease the population, and in Bigpoint’s Rising Cities you will be able to define your style as this strategy game promises rewards from the moment you break ground, as every decision you make will factor into your success, or lack thereof, in the end. Can you make it to new heights in the building game Rising Cities?

A City Needs Happy Residents

To make your urban environment more attractive for would-be residents, you will have to strike the right balance in this simulation game between industrial, commercial and residential areas, parks and pavement, high-rises and cabins. In some strategy games, your influence is limited. Not so in Rising Cities! Not only can you, but you must play a deciding role in determining healthy living spaces for your residents. Find the right places for the right buildings and strike the right balance between business types, academics and the working class to build your Rising Cities sleepy town into a thriving metropolis brick by brick. Invest in industry and infrastructure, while managing resources and producing a variety of goods such as fruits, vegetables and other staples, and raw materials like lumber, bricks and cement essential to the foundation of your city in Bigpoint’s signature building game.

A City Needs Healthy Coffers to Thrive

Money may not be the key to happiness, but you’ll need a healthy supply of income to manage and govern a large population of eclectic residents in Rising Cities. This browser game challenges you to collect rent from tenants and tax business. Develop a stable industry by producing a broad portfolio of goods to use to expand your city's borders or engage in trade with other Rising Cities mayors. Once you’ve got the liquidity you need, invest in infrastructure, power generation plants, transportation systems and a plethora of additional constructions essential for a flourishing metropolis. Just like a real city, your Rising Cities online metropolis requires a vast amount of resources and energy.

A City Needs a Leader in Times of Crisis

As is the case in any village or metropolis, the mayor’s true test in Rising Cities comes in times of duress and emergency. Meet the challenge and heed the call of your residents’ need for safety and security by setting up sound prevention of buildings from fire, taking the fight to crime and keeping your citizens in tip-top health with hospitals. Meet these challenges, as well as other tests of your mayoral acumen, to rise above the rest and build your legacy!
Rising Cities – Your City Needs You!



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