Friday, December 19, 2014
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Rising Cities: Winterfest

Hi Mayor,

When flurries are in the air and there’s a flurry of action on the ground, it can only mean one thing – the Rising Cities Winterfest is coming to town! Enjoy the fun this December, help turn your town into a snowy spectacle with fun and games for everyone to enjoy. Prepare your city for the party and grab some goodies like a snowman, Christmas tree and even a special Christmas house!

I knew the winter was calling for snow, but this is just beyond belief. With all this snow piling up, it’s amazing that anyone can move around at all. But come rain, shine or even snow, the show must go on. So mayor, let’s get bundled up and get ready for the Winterfest. The festivities begin on December 19th and run through the holidays to the 31st and there’s a lot to be done, so make no delay and get to the event plaza right away.

We’re expecting a good turnout for the festival and we’ll need to accommodate the masses if we want to throw a bash that’s worthy of your town and sure to outshine them over there in Shelbyville. Stands. We need stands for the crowds, and wood for the stands. Make sure you produce enough lumber to let your residents take a load off. And let’s try and keep everyone safe, shall we? The more it snows, the more wood we’ll need to keep the stands from collapsing.

Speaking of collapsing, all this planning is making me famished. Just imagine a party without wintry goodies! Make sure the concession stands are stocked with sweets like gingerbread men and crunchy cookies. They’ll be sure to tide over any weary visitor to this year’s Winterfest! But that’s not all; the festival needs to feel like a festival too. So plant some trees, scatter some gifts and make sure there’s enough mistletoe to give the city the ambience the festival needs! So let’s get to work mayor and give your town a festival to remember for winters to come.

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