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23 vs. 22 cannon damage

Discussion in 'Users’ Corner' started by USSChallenger1, Feb 8, 2018.

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  1. USSChallenger1

    USSChallenger1 Old Hand

    So, like last month's Bokors was the following ship design,
    Dracula design has the following gems:
    • Brilliant Ruby + 23% Cannon damage (ID: 472)
    • Unblemished Garnet + 22% Harpoon damage (ID: 432)
    • Refined Aquamarine + 20% Damage prevention (ID: 216)
    • Refined Lapislazuli + 100.000 Hit points (ID: 214)
    • Sunstone + 3% PVE Damage (ID: 21)
    now, for this month we get another monster themed ship design,
    Frankenstein design has the following gems:
    • Brilliant Coral + 23% Critical Damage (ID: 480)
    • Unblemished Ruby + 22% Cannon damage (ID: 433)
    • Refined Aquamarine + 20% Damage prevention (ID: 216)
    • Refined Azurite + 10% HP repair speed, +40% HP repair value (ID 217)
    • Amber + 5% PVP Damage (ID 10)
    Now, I realize that each ship will have it's own attributes but, the one thing I find really annoying is that you expect me to pay cash for this design with a lesser value cannon damage gem than the previous months design, because lets face facts we all want a higher cannon damage gem over the rest that are offered.
    Why wasn't this months design equipped with the same damage gem as last month.
  2. baronvonrat

    baronvonrat Forum-Apprentice

    yes i agree with you challenge and looks like i will be giving bookers a miss this month
  3. -Dragonsabre-

    -Dragonsabre- Forum-Apprentice

    According to what you post, I think they follow the order of brilliant, unblemished, refined, refined and special. They just change the types of gems and the order remain unchanged.
  4. A-R-K-Y

    A-R-K-Y Forum Overlooker

    I disagree.

    Firstly, a lot of players don't need the 23% Cannon Damage Gem, as that is one of the first gems most people level up and is the most common gem to receive a high level of.

    Secondly, other types of gems, such as Critical Damage, Hit Probability, even Boarding Bonus and Harpoon are all welcomed by me as I would rather not waste X amount of 22s, 21s etc to be able to make one of these gems. Even if you don't use these gems yourself, you will eventually make use of that 23, combining it with other 23s to get you 24% Cannon Damage (or whatever gem you choose).

    They can not keep giving out the same gems each time as that would result in players not needing or trying to win bokors anymore. As the year goes on everyone would have more than enough 23% Cannon Damages and players would be asking for a change so that they can win some other types of gems.

    Remember, that this is just the start of the year, you have got another 10 months worth of Bokors yet, which I am sure will provide you with plenty of other chances to get your hands on a 23% Cannon Damage Gem.

    Also, just like to say that the Cannon Damage Gem I rank 4th on what I would like to Level up first. 1 = Dodge, 2 = Hit Probability, 3 = Damage Prevention, 4 = Cannon Damage. So no, not everyone wants a higher Cannon Damage Gem than other potential gems ;)

  5. HMS-Indefatigable

    HMS-Indefatigable Someday Author

    Arky is this months Bokor a real Battle Cruiser skin vs a good all round skin from last month?
  6. Destruction

    Destruction Old Hand

    I personally value Repair Speed over any other gem. I always focus on getting that gem to the highest level before even touching the others. This means that for a while I had 3 Lv22 gems and a Level 24 Repair Speed gem, instead of 4 Lv 23s.

    Repair Speed mechanics work by removing a percentage of the total repair time, so as you get closer and closer to 100%, each 1% makes a much more noticeable difference. For example, levelling up a Repair Speed gem to bring your total repair speed from 50% > 51% is only about a 2% difference in repair speed, whereas the same 1% increase but from 98% to 99% is actually doubling your repair speed. (If you took 100 second to repair, you would repair in 2 seconds with 98%, or 1 second with 99%).

  7. Grand-mariner™

    Grand-mariner™ Board Veteran

    All good and well in theory. Until the day they decide that ships are repairing too fast and knock down all the repair speeds a few notches, just like they have done with other values, when they decide to 'tweak' the game in their favour because the developers had an oversight.

    Once people have paid money for something, those values that they have purchased should either be set in stone, or the purchaser fully compensated if the change places the purchaser at a disadvantage in any manner!
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
  8. Destruction

    Destruction Old Hand

    Totally agree with that. Rep gems were already tweaked. They used to offer 2% per level total repair duration reduction. So a Level 20 gem removed 40% of the base repair time. This was tweaked so it is now 1% per level, but also increases the amount you repair per tick.It used to be that with Rep Buff, Level 19 Gem, Max Skills and castles you would have 99% repair speed, 0-600k took 2-3 seconds. This was patched but you can almost reach this again if you have an Hour Glass in use. I expect by the time we reach Level 28 gems the Repair Speed will be tweaked again.
  9. A-R-K-Y

    A-R-K-Y Forum Overlooker

    Repair Speed increases by 0.5% per level now.

  10. Destruction

    Destruction Old Hand

    Ty for the clarification, I had mixed up Repair Duration and Repair Value.

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