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A Time for Change event

Discussion in 'Events FAQ’s' started by Seren, Mar 8, 2018.

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  1. Seren

    Seren Global Team Leader Team Seafight

    A Time for Change event

    Event from 9th March until 14th March

    The “A Time for Change” event features the following:

    · Hunt Postmen and Merchant event ships!
    · An event black market
    · 4 quests (3 normal, one daily quest)

    The event will start at 12 noon on 9th March and end at 12 noon on 14th March.
    The black market closes at the end of 15th March.

    All times are Local Server Time.

    The “A Time for Change” event is a small shoot event where you can hunt two event ships, Postmen and Merchant, on sea. The Merchant is an Admiral NPC and spawns after a certain number of Postmen`s have been sunk. The Merchant drops 10 “Lanterns” on death.

    Depending on how much damage you cause against the “
    Postmen” you are rewarded with Pearls.
    By causing the last shot against the “
    Postmen” you are also rewarded with Cursed or Radiant souls.

    Depending on how much damage you cause against the “
    Merchant” you are rewarded with pearls and Cursed or Radiant souls.

    In the Lanterns you find many useful items, like Cursed and Radiant Souls, Pyre ammunition, Confetti ammunition and Crystals.

    Pyre ammunition causes more damage against the event ships.

    You can accept quests by speaking to The Arbiter (on the safe haven). There are 3 new normal quests and one daily quest.

    The daily quests are reset each day at 12 noon (local server time).

    Please note that any active event quests are reset at this time.

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