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A Time for Change

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seren, Mar 9, 2018.

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  1. Seren

    Seren Global Team Leader Team Seafight

    A Time for Change

    Ahoy pirates,

    Please let us know your feedback about the "A Time for Change"

    Please be sure to follow all forum rules and off topic comments as well as complaints will be removed.

    Your Seafight Team
  2. CSS_Shenandoah

    CSS_Shenandoah Forum-Apprentice

    No thanks. Less events please.
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  3. Filipino4ever

    Filipino4ever Forum-Apprentice

    well, played hours shooting the postman and did already max purchase of ammo in the black market... event will be over soon. But why payout of post man is like 3/3 cursed souls and 2/3 radiant souls while in the black market shopping ratio suggests yellow souls are harder to obtain and so they are the much smaller part of payments... what happen in the end to the yellow souls which cant be spend since no equivalent in the market? 1 : 1 to gold?
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  4. rubenrs

    rubenrs Junior Expert

    We will soon have bought out everything in black market since everything has small buylimits.
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  5. frankthetank1974

    frankthetank1974 Board Analyst

    apply enough make up you can hide the cracks (wrinkles)temp but sooner or later they will come back to the top :rolleyes:
  6. Corsair_Bill

    Corsair_Bill Forum Connoisseur

    I believe I'll be sitting this event out this time around, what with the new mapping system and the sudden onslaught of war thru-out my server group, being made into a ping pong while trying to earn pearls and working an event is just not practical, much less contending with a marauder event running at the same time as this one . . too many nopes for me, I'll save what little pearls I have for a more stable venue thank you.
    Good luck and better hunting to those have the stronger boats and can put up with this so-called fun, I'm barely a mid-sized boat that just can't cope, especially in a war zone . . lol.
  7. CaptinRedBeard

    CaptinRedBeard Forum-Apprentice

    this event blows. not free. cant buy ammo with pearls after 100k witch is worthless. the lantrns are nowhere to be found the postman give pearls but you have to use the exact same amount on ammo but only up to 100k in ammo then they just want to get us to use money, not going to happen!!! this event is not worth one buck, only people that will profit are the top 50 big boats and many of those are the cheaters who use bots and have limitless pearls and chest!!
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  8. -redak-

    -redak- Active Author

    It's time to permanently ban the bots for a change!
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  9. -Misuka-

    -Misuka- Active Author

    yes and 80 prcent of player gona then what rest do ? and the game is becoming more expensive as it already is
    Better fix so nobady can logg in with bot to games
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  10. -=Ulven=-

    -=Ulven=- Forum-Greenhorn

    permanently banning bots. means the game becomes very expensive ..
    the small players do not spend money on the game and BP has a business to suit,
    so to permanently ban bots mean others have to pay for the little ones to play ....
    Try and ask BP how much money they have lost this month ..?
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  11. Sea-Sea

    Sea-Sea Someday Author

    If BP have realized that that booting can't be stopped, then they should just make their own bots, available on the payment section just like the other buff packages the have to offer. I.e.:

    1. Scroll auto buff, which makes it possible for players to do scrolls in auto mode.
    2. NPC shooting on auto mode
    3. Shiny hunting in auto mode
    4. Chest collector in auto mode

    Each buff should only be available for limited time every day, maybe 4 hrs/day and the cost for each buff should be max. 10 euros/month or all buffs for 30 euros/month.

    In this way the game would be more fair towards those decent and honest players who never would use a 3rd party bot and the low moral cheaters and instead of 3rd parties getting the money, BP would get the money for the "bots" as most likely the majority of the cheaters would stop using 3rd party bots as by using 3rd parties bots, their accounts should be closed permanently.
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  12. -Misuka-

    -Misuka- Active Author

    I agrre god idea then all have samme chans
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  13. the-one-after

    the-one-after Someday Author

    I mentioned this in a post the problem is Bigpoint want us to spend money and although your prices are extremely high it was a good idea but I can never see it happening because they bring it out they will use them prices and I don’t think anyone will pay £360 a year to have autonsctolls
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  14. Lostsail

    Lostsail Forum-Apprentice

    You need to check and see who is providing the bots, you will understand then.
  15. kyloe

    kyloe Forum Master

    OMG really??? Then what is the point of the game??
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  16. the-one-after

    the-one-after Someday Author

    pvp which is what the game was made for not going to lie i cant keep up with all these having years of all the hulls and months of queens legacy from cancers
  17. Rabbid

    Rabbid Active Author

    Come on, really? What would the point of the game be if BP sold a bot? And if you think they should sell us bots that just gives some insight into how bad this game has gotten. Yeah, why not sell us a bot so the game can play itself.

    Those of us who still play (including myself) have grown to accept bots. Because BP won't ban them for anymore than a month. Expectations are lowered every day.

    The players who are still playing without bots are dealing with:

    -Bots, (*Maximum 1 month ban)
    -Unbalanced, boring PvP
    -Fighting players who bot 24/7 and have unlimited resources

    Anyway that's off topic.

    What are the radiant and cursed souls being exchanged for? I have loads left.
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  18. Rabbid

    Rabbid Active Author

    I would doubt PvP is the main reason most people play now. I would say most play for Events and design collecting. PvP is not even a choice for most players. Get rekt by p2w players.
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  19. CSS_Shenandoah

    CSS_Shenandoah Forum-Apprentice

    6 year free player here,

    My goal for the past two years has been to amass enough hp that sinking me would be taxing on resources for purse pirates. My hope is that whatever little battle points they receive will come at great expense to pearls (or money in their case). I want my ship to be like shooting an NPC and not getting a return on P-ammo invested. I realized a while ago that I will never stand an honest chance of going toe to toe shooting back - so I don't. The problem I'm facing now is that so many purse pirates are greatly increasing their damage that even with full VP/HP, I'm lucky to last four shots.

    Being a free player has always been a proposition of patience, but the advantage held by purse pirates grows larger each year. I feel that its not if, but when the margin grows to the point of hopelessness that many will shed the game entirely. This recent change has decreased the frequency for glitters, which is a major blow to all free player's potential earnings. I'm going to finish the scrolls I have and save competitor coins for p-ammo so I can do them quicker than my meager hollows allow. If that doesn't earn me enough for adequate skill tree points or castle upgrades then I will be out permanently.
  20. jmfoster55

    jmfoster55 Forum-Greenhorn

    Amen brother. My opinion as well.

    Last edited by moderator: Mar 15, 2018
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