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Ask the Producer

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AnneDieuleVeut, May 14, 2018.

Dear forum reader,

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  1. Loki1621

    Loki1621 Someday Author

    more like a week or more
  2. †Hell†Cat†

    †Hell†Cat† Junior Expert

    Listen guys this game is no longer viable to play for free thats just a promo to get people to play ,its all about money what they are saying is laughable its just an excuse they bring out more rubbish and take away important parts of the game its an ongoing thing making money is what counts to them it doesnt matter that players will leave as the game is on its back with its legs flailing all because people who dont even play the game make stupid inane changes :mad::mad::rolleyes:o_O:p
  3. =308Marksman=

    =308Marksman= Regular

    Some food for thought that wasnt mentioned in the OP.

    What kind of time frame are the players looking at before the "new content" is released ?
    Or if that isnt in plain enough English...
    How long are we expected to put up with playing the game as it is currently ?
    Days....Weeks....months .... Years ?

    And yes..I am fully aware of the typical canned response.
    Thats been given so many times in the course of 7 yrs of playing it no longer has any validity so I am not
    expecting a realistic answer to those questions.
    It happens when it happens.

    A change has been made that has affected every single player. Alot of them dont like it and are very angry about it.
    I hope for the sake of the game,something is done rapidly about it.
    The decision to make all these changes has a price...And I dont think the game can afford it.

    One way or another your customers will have the final say.

    If theres no customers to say anything...
    That speaks for itself as well.
  4. Iwannabetheguy

    Iwannabetheguy Someday Author Team Seafight

    Good point.
    To circumvent prices getting too stall when adding new features and items to the game we are also constantly adjusting the overall price and loot balancing. These things usually don`t get announced and can just be seen when comparing offers and loot from 1 – 2 years ago but they keep the window between start to equipment-completion stable.
    Don’t get me wrong, for a non-paying player it will always be much more difficult/lengthy to reach certain goals. This level should however not differ to the situation a couple of years ago (actually it should be even less demanding compared to the situation 3 - 5 years ago).

    Your Seafight Producer
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  5. Iwannabetheguy

    Iwannabetheguy Someday Author Team Seafight

    The first ones, probably within the next 2 -3 months.

    Your Seafight Producer
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  6. A-R-K-Y

    A-R-K-Y Forum Overlooker

    I personally can see both sides of the removal of the cabin boys.

    From my point of view, here are the positives from removing them:
    • Could potentially help reduce the lag problem large servers have been having - less damage calculations per second, less visible ammunition/damage/damage over time.
    • By replacing the reload time with extra damage (to come), this means less ammo consumption - very important for payment ammunition espcially which costs a lot for a package which could be used in less than a hour.
    • Fights will last a little longer. Which imo something should have been changed a long time ago for this effect, "maxed" boats were able to sink some other "maxed/nearly maxed" boats in just a few shots because our damage has increased so much but our HP/VP not as much.
    • Being a player from 06 where we used to fire every 7 seconds, I personally don't mind the reduction in reload; some of the best times on this game were when we were firing much much slower, you have more time to react/use items/map jump, etc, whatever you like to do during a fight.

    I also do see some negatives as well though:
    • Monotonous tasks, such as Scrolls, Quests, Raids, even spawning the admirals which you need to shoot 500 ships, all these tasks are going to take much much longer. An increase in damage is nice and will help with this when using Elite Ammunition. Gold ammunition damage will not be increased by a huge amount I would imagine (just my opinion), which would mean the reduction in Reload would be especially painfull when doing Scrolls, NPC Farming, etc with Hollows.
    • NPCs are not getting a reload reduction. This means that as already pointed out, this will require players to use more Amulets just so they can sink the ships they have been "just about managing" to sink. Also, I believe it is now technically possible for a player to be "Missed" by NPCs/Towers again, this means that shortly the SF Team will have to do something about this, last time you increased their damage, doing that again will only make it even harder for players. Imo, decrease their initial damage, add a huge amount of Cannon Damage bonus, say 100%, that way Damage Prevention will have less of an effect for a long period of time, will continue to lower the damage received but will not hit Missed for a few years.
    • If they are being removed from in game purchase they need to be removed from Payment aswell. The only way this could possibly be fair for all players is to remove them from payment. I think it should be done by gifting all players, using a voucher code, 30 days of Cabin Boys at the same time as removing them from payment. This means that everyone would have Cabin Boys for the exact same amount of time (as 30 days is the limit) and then would not be able to purchase any more.

    Do not get me wrong, I do believe that the removal of Cabin Boys is a good thing, however as with everything, there are some negatives. 1.55s (which would have been the fastest reload time) was far to quick, ammo consumption was high and did not give much time for player reaction. A player could use the Light of Tortuga on another player and easily get 2 - 3, maybe more, shots on their target before the target could react, target them and then press fire.

    I also agree with the producers comments that the distance to be a "maxed" boat is probably just the same as it was a few years ago. When Doomhammers came out it would cost a lot to even get a full set of level 0 cannons, only last month we could purchase 30 Voodoo Cannons Lv 5, 30 Firestorm Cannons Lv 4, 30 Devastator Cannons Lv 4, 30 Doomhammer Cannons Lv 4 and 30 Painbringer Cannons Lv 0 for the same price it used to cost for 40 Doomhammer Cannons Lvl 0. However, one area I think still needs improving is the Castles. Castles, just to get 1 "commonly used" Castle in each slot level 8, it would cost a new player 34,485,000 pearls, now keep in mind realistically you want other Castles for other setups too. The only way to earn pearls easily of course is the Commonwealth Raid and certain Events; the commonwealth raid is hard for a new player to get to without purchasing Castles, and the events are hard for smaller boats. With that said, I am personally pleased at the recent changes for lower level players; the new quests and tests are extremely good for them, monthly login bonus is also very nice.

    I have waffled on too long now, this will do for now. :p
  7. =308Marksman=

    =308Marksman= Regular

    What a pleasant surprise !! :) Thank You !!!

    A response ....and a black eye. :cool: Lol.

    I really wasnt expecting an answer and was so shocked to see an answer I tripped myself getting out of my chair
    to grab the first cup of coffee of the morning ,smacking my cheek and eyebrow on the edge of the coffee table while
    trying to regain my footing. Lol...I would be more embarrassed if it came from the wife. Not to worry,those are always
    regarded as a Badges of Honor. Lol

    Thank You Again.

    P.S. With luck like that... Time to buy a lottery ticket !!!
  8. onix87

    onix87 Forum-Apprentice

    are you kidding? what prices? those of the cannons? at the beginning the 50-pounder, then 55,60, admiral, firestorm, woodoo, doomhammer, devastator and you come out with painbringer.
    there are players who have a ship full of obsolete cannons. bought cannons that can no longer use. Is there an end to this madness? I can not see the end.
    why don't you give to those who have paid for this cannon, the chance to exchange the old cannons that they has BUY, with new cannons?
    why don't you put the NEW cannons as a reward for the events? you put the firestorm,
    players who win the rankings have better cannons, they do not need the firestorm.

    so, tell me, what you adjust?
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  9. Corsair_Bill

    Corsair_Bill Forum Connoisseur

    reload speed 4.35 . . I might as well remain parked in a safe haven until something better arrives, I can't come close to competing, much less chase the remaining pearls to bring my reloader to lv 8 now
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  10. christich

    christich Junior Expert

    they removed from game with pearls/chests ,but cobin boys still gained for packages,interesting.....
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  11. Satan_Himself

    Satan_Himself Forum Baron

    I am a non paying player. Will we be able to get some value from our pearls in the future? Will we be able to buy things like voodoo cannons for pearls?
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  12. onix87

    onix87 Forum-Apprentice

    I hoped that this time it could change something, but this discussion is just a pathetic attempt to deceive us once again. It's disgusting how you treat your players and your client.
    The cabin boy are still in the game, just they aren't free now.
    You've been ruining this game for a long time, but in the last few months you've exaggerated. The glitters are fey, and inside there shit. almost only experience points, voodoo points and gold. the mojo is becoming unavailable. what should we throw into the cauldron? the pearls? too many players can't find the voodo desk. I did a test on the beta server. I used 9300 mojo to find it. before it used 500, max 1000. I asked other players to do some tests. do you know how many mojos have been used by one of them to find the dest? 100k. 100.000 mojo. hundred thousand. which player out of the beta server can have so much mojo? or we have to throw 10 million pearls to get it?
    all events with paid ammunition. you let us buy with pearls only a few shots.
    you have increased the level of the gems, but in the bags there are the same gems as before. to get to the maximum level we have to buy hundreds of bags.
    you have created new cannons. again. and the olders become more and more useless. have you ever thought about the damage done to the players? do you know how many cannons needed in a ship? more than 2000 cannons of level 0, to have a ship with 300 cannons of level 5. and these cannons are bought with money. cannons that were powerful, and now they are useless. You say that you adjust the prices so the distance between start and finish line remains the same but it's a ********. we made the improvements with the old prices, and now we have to pay again to get back what you took away from us.

    you can bann me. I don't care. anyway i'm not playing.
    I give you only one piece of advice. reflect well on your choices. those choices that over the years have driven away thousands of players, and now make that one who has been here for 10 years for the first time don't feels any interest, or attraction to this game.

    I wish you bankruptcy
  13. Tag#Me

    Tag#Me Forum-Apprentice

    i have used 3 mill pearls for mojo and i get mojo deek every 2000-6000-10000 and i have it 10.000 days because i use a lot of pearls for this
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  14. The part about mojo is complete bullpoop, I just threw 7M pearls into cauldron of aruba and got like 350 days of voodoo deck. have over 3500 days left so don't need ti anyway.
  15. ali-ağa

    ali-ağa Forum-Greenhorn

    Dear Jan,
    what you say about this https://prnt.sc/jjvksw
    here the difference from who pay and who not is too big
    and now remove cabin boy to put packet with money?
  16. Nothing wrong with "Free pirate game" the game itself is free.
  17. **OUTBACK**

    **OUTBACK** Forum Connoisseur

    Bring back cabin boys, at least until there is an alternative for a decent reload time..
    + Some people were able to buy 30 days of it, some people don't have it at all anymore and there is NO CHANCE to compete against someone who have cabin boys if you do not have them...
  18. bigbobby25

    bigbobby25 Forum-Greenhorn

    there will always be something found inside the payment section of this game and thats one of the reasons people are getting tired of playing it
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  19. kyloe

    kyloe Forum Master

    The best part about it is anything that gives dmg for a limited time is now in a sense has almost a 50% depreciation in time value, IE. Bloodlusts, Brothers in Arms, even the Hourglass.
    With such a reduction in reload speed it means less volleys per min
    for me the difference is almost 10 volleys, if i am shooting npcs, this almost a million dmg difference i am able to do, how is this even fair?

    Now take into consideration Scrolls, huge aspect of this game, will you now double the amount of time it takes to do a scroll without even altering the prizes? Again How is this fair?

    I personally do all my scrolls with hollows, i would never spend elite ammo, the prize rewards are not worth anything more than hollows, are you trying to force me to join the gaggle and waste 100's of thousands of pballs to get COMPLETE GARBAGE AND MUCH OUTDATED REWARDS.

    If we are Rewinding back the scale of the game lets rewind all of it. You want to take back our speed, take back your prices, put all weapons and ammo in the markets purchased with in-game currency, put crystals and mojos back in scroll rewards, take back all of our extra skills, castles, slots, pets, pet gems, ship gems, pay us back all the pearls and crowns we paid for all these items!!!!

    In fact just reset the game to its original version, it was indeed the best time for this game!!!!

    With all of the glitches, freezing, lag, event errors, server crashes, why would you ever do this to your dwindling yet faithful players?
  20. DuivelseKippie³

    DuivelseKippie³ Forum-Greenhorn

    I'm playing this game since 10 years. And it's going worse year by year. What I have learned that pas 10 years is the following:

    Bigpoint never listen to their players, and it's all about money. Tens of thousands players agree with me, because this game even can't stand in the shadow from what it was before. In the early days we where on teamspeak with hundreds of seafight players. Today you will be happy with 10-20 players.
    Before you had wars with hundreds of ships. In 1 map. And it was still playable. Today you had wars with maximun 50 ships, and its lagging.

    Bigpoint ruined this game COMPLETELY. The small amount players that left need to pay the game. Thats why they change this again. Again without talking with players before. As always, first they introduced new stuff or change old, without testing, and then aks the opinion of players.

    If they really care about players they ask it BEFORE. But the only thing that have their interest is money.

    The players allready have say its enough. I was 1 of the biggest paying players on some servers and this is the point where I also say: Enough. I wasn't playing for months, but I allowed a friend of me to play on my ship, and only spend around 100-200 euro's a month. Till this point. No single euro for BP anymore if they don't cancel this shit. @admin: Check my account and confirm yourself that I don't talk shit about paying. But it's finished now.

    And I hope the little amount of players left agree with me and say, enough is enough.

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