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Back to Red! Sale

Discussion in 'Official Announcements' started by Swift, Dec 25, 2018.

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  1. Swift

    Swift Board Administrator Team Seafight

    Back to Red! Sale

    Ahoy Pirates,

    On Tuesday, 25th December at 12 noon (local server time) our “Back to Red!“ sale will start. The sale will run until Monday, the 31st December at 12 noon (local server time).

    There will be following 3 packages in the payment during the sale (two times buyable):

    • Pirates Spoils
      • 10 x Doomhammer cannon level 4
      • 50,000 Crowns
      • 50 x Triton's Crown
      • 50 x Simbi Amulet
      • 25 x Bloodlust
      • 400,000 x Burning-Ice ammunition
    • Corsairs Treasure
      • 25 x Devastator cannon level 3
      • 500,000 x Burning-Ice ammunition
      • 25 x The Lionheart
      • 15 x The Hour Glass
      • 14 days Cabin boys
      • 75,000 Crowns
      • 50 x Dragonfire level 2
      • 10 x Storm lantern level 4
      • 50 x Homing Mine
      • 14 days Queen's Legacy
    • Buccaneers Bequest
      • 20 x Painbringer cannon level 2
      • 20 x Devastator level 4
      • 1,000,000 x Burning-Ice ammunition
      • 125,000 Crowns
      • 14 days King's Legacy
      • 20 x Contact Mine
    There will be also a “Buccaneer´s Bounty” (special black market) until Friday, 4th January 12 noon (local server time) and each of these packages will open it.

    Furthermore the packages also enable special cannon crafting and extensions crafting in the “Trading post”.

    Your Seafight Team
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